Thursday, December 31, 2009

Changes to the Blog

You will see in the sidebar that I have slowly been making a few changes particularly to the links.

The links to movie sites is self-explanatory.

The list of 'other links' however requires some explanation. Those are links to various businesses in which Jackie has an interest (or owns), as well as various charities to which he has contributed or has an ongoing relationship with. Some will be familiar like Operation Smile and some you may not know about. Take a moment to look through them some time.

The list will slowly grow as I find the links.

While researching the links I have come across all kinds of little interesting bits to share with you.

You almost never hear about the recipients of Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarships so here are three for you:

Marcus Choy

Doris Yu

Max Chan

Other news:

Make-A-Wish Foundation - I want to meet Jackie Chan


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