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Art Life Interview

There is a blog entry about Jackie's visit to 'Art Life'.

While it doesn't cover anything profound it was still an interesting behind the scenes read.

Jackie Chan told me to ~ ~ ~

Writer and director: Liu Xin


This is the first time I saw Jackie Chan himself, not only from TV.


November 2009 16, Jackie Chan received a task. There are 8 days away from video.

Each issue shows are a challenge for me, because if you want to seek new things, if you want to change, then you certainly are at risk. You may ask me why each time change? Because it is audience needs. Programs to provide newer and better form to the audience is also our responsibility.

"Art Life," came nine years, and perhaps some of the audience would think we are old, we are old. But if you carefully watch our program, you will see a significant change from. Biggest names in the past, we can only do what it is because the biggest names to do is come, he said everything value; period of time, our program is defined as pain that revolutionary history, from the 6-year-old said 60-year-old, how easy and what is not a strong stand up. But the "art life" really is changing, we try to use more means of production of television programs, so that program filled with more drama factor. Ago, may be moved to tears is our trademark, but now, it is just a means we, as programs grow, we are also a means of increasing diversity, we may even join some of the more entertaining methods, such as the recent very popular "kneel down to the door," I think the audience is just not yet accustomed to this kind of "art of life." The maturity of foreign talk shows are generally a decade or so, "Art Life," next year, a decade now, they persist in innovation, from which you will see the answer.

I recently read an interview, interviews LV president, he said: "LV, some goods from a century ago up to now has not changed even a pattern, it seems to have witnessed the changes of time; but some companies, such as This year's graffiti bags, will be leading the trend of art. "

I hope, sincerely hope, "Art and Life" Whether or lead the witness, she should be a bowl of Chicken Soup, as if a friend, you may not think of her for some time, but when you need her when we got there she had been there. When the audience after many years talking about "art life" and would think that a man is not just a program.


Gossip said too much, return to the subject.

"Art Life," there is an unwritten rule, that is, each program should do a pre-mining, needs, and guests face to face communication, but Jackie Chan's brother busy, to paraphrase the words of Lu Xun: "It's not on the plane, that is, Quwang the airport road. "

And a real problem is that Jackie Chan's older brother in 2005 came "art life", although that is only a short period to 1 hour of video time, but Jackie Chan's older brother is also a good expression of the ability of basic ins and outs of life itself had accounted.

Faced with such a special guest - a high visibility, the audience less unknown information. How do we do it?

The problem was not bothering me, has troubled us for almost the entire section group (because there are so many women are fans of Big Brother 。。。)。

The audience will meet to plan it will, one after another. Brainstorming, design programming framework, to overthrow, and then design, then overturned.

"Seven face Jackie Chan" - It was in this atmosphere generated, it is envisaged Jackie Chan one of the seven disciples inherited the characteristics of a typical Jackie Chan. As if Jordan will not be there, but inherited his pride Iverson, Bryant inherited his fighting spirit and so on and so forth. Each apprentice deconstruct one, it may for the audience, the greater the amount of information programs, rhythm faster.

November 24, 2009, afternoon, sunny.

Video before the final preparation for 13:30 pm, Jackie Chan brother than a comparable 14-point is also 30 minutes ahead of schedule recording sites.

I beg your pardon, because it is capture, so big brother's face is not particularly good.

Big Brother host Jackie Chan to communicate with the video program.

Jackie Chan: "how, play, right?"

Jun Zhu: "You prodigiously be?"

Jackie Chan: "Let's go!"

To play the moment, Jackie Chan Brother see we are ready to prop a sudden impulse, blew privacy.

As for the older brother from a wallet out of this mysterious items, or we get the answer from the program bar. It may be said is that this thing with Jackie Chan Brother or three decades.

Entered the picture.

Jackie Chan's older brother is a very attention to detail to the people at the approach I specifically called me.

Jackie Chan's Brother: "direct." (Very polite, the fear and trepidation, I called again surprised and flattered)

I :"。。。"

Jackie Chan's older brother: "when will the new Seven Little Fortunes show finished, people must own their music became firmly established then slowly pulled down later." (Super-careful, I first met playing music, so to pull the guests. Jackie Chan's older brother was at the scene about, the original in his studio, too, from clothing to the lights are all fine.)

Me: "Good!"

Jackie Chan is also a very successful video. Jackie Chan down and I said thank you, as the same as video pre-mannered.

In fact, we should thank you.


Art is such a thing, it will never be conclusive, it will never be the best, so it is always full of regrets.

Is not always the best. Those who do not achieve, was overthrown whether the effects will be recording the program better?

The answer may be no one knows.

Broadcast time: December 9 Wednesday 20:35 CCTV-3 premiere.

December 12 Saturday 16:25,12 15 Tuesday 22:50 CCTV-3 intervals.


To view the photos please go to the original link not the translated one.


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