Sunday, December 20, 2009

Video of Harper's Bazaar Shoot

Video of the Harper's Bazaar Shoot on SINA.COM

One of the very small (and therefore not worth posting) reports about the shoot mentioned that Jackie brought 3 changes of clothing to the shoot and joked that the black leather coat and white shirt was his 'Matrix' look. LOL I quite agree with him. 'Matrix' it is .... now who is better looking in the black leather coat? Jackie or Keanu Reeves?

The photo of Jackie in the long coat is the cover photo which is why it hasn't been shown I am sure.

Anyway I managed to get a few reasonable quality screenshots from the video (low resolution FLV video does not make for good images) but here they are ... enjoy Jackie 'Matrix'...


Cris said...

He looks fantastic. Thanks for the pictures. So I am assuming the magazine hasn't come out yet?

Anonymous said...

Not as far as I am able to tell. I did a fairly comprehensive search this afternoon and can't find a thing.

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