Thursday, December 10, 2009

Expo Story Completed

The organisers of the World Expo in Shanghai next year have made an animated film 'Expo Story' as part of the lead up to the Expo and as a tribute to the Expo.

It is set in 1851 at the inaugural World Expo in London. (You may have heard about the Crystal Palace that was built to accomodate it.)

Jackie as one of the official ambassadors for the Expo voices one of the characters. The film will be released in both English and Chinese. The English version has completed all the dubbing while the Chinese version has entered the dubbing and animation rendering stage. (If you don't know anything about the process of animation rendering is the process that takes HUGE amounts of computing power as the drawings are rendered/converted into animated images.)
Shanghai, December 10 (Xinhuanet Xu Xiaoqing) famous movie star Jackie Chan, Shanghai comedian Zhou Libo, "Donald Duck" voice actor Li Yang of China recently have been completed for the animated film "Expo Story," the voice.

Animated film "Expo Story," for the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China created a fitting tribute works.

The story in London in 1851 at the inaugural World Expo, Xu Rong village, by virtue of Chinese businessmen, "Wing Kee Lake Wire" won gold, silver and two medals for the historical background to future generations the village Xu Rong Xu Xi modeled on fairy tales have been created by an account of Xu future generations, "Lake Wire earners" (a fictional cartoon characters) experienced an adventure through time and space in mind. Also in lifelike 3D animation shows the effect of Shanghai Bund, the Peace Hotel, Zhejiang, etc. Nanxun town scenes.

As ambassador for the Shanghai World Expo, one of Jackie Chan featuring historical figures of the cartoon image of the village of Xu Rong voice. Earlier this year, Chan said after the completion of dubbing, the dubbing process is boundless.

China's "Donald Duck" Li Yang, on the 9th of this month has just completed a film character, "Friis I pass," the voice. This is a crazy obsession with the European industrial revolution mass production machine the image of a British businessman. In the film, he and Chinese silk merchants Xu Rong Lake Village is a competitor.
To "talk" show in Shanghai, known comedian Zhou Libo, for the simple and honest film a "clown" role "cream puffs" voice.

According to "World Expo Story," general director of the Shanghai Synergy Culture Entertainment Group, Zhu Gang, vice president of introduction, "World Expo Story," is divided into two versions in English and Chinese, English has been completed all the dubbing, the Chinese version has also been entered dubbing and animation rendering stage, will soon be launched later editing.

"Expo Story," have been involved from the "Transformers" "Star Wars" and other animation Chinese animation expert Liu sword as Executive Director, film to be in May 2010 to October during the Shanghai World Expo will be held across the country choose the right time slots screened.



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