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Love 5003

The 'LOVE CHARITY 5003' is an annual fundraising event in China. This is it's seventh year. Every year there is a theme for the event and this year's them was I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL.

This year the recipients of the money are the China Children and Teenagers Foundation. The goal is to raise funds for living expenses for 500 children to attend school for 3 years.

Amongst many other stars supporting the event the New Seven Little Fortunes took part bringing with them a special video in which Jackie pledged support for 100 children.

Starry MusicRadio The Sound of Music I want to go to school, "Love Charity Event 5003" at the Longtan Lake Center Island staged a grand concert hall. Zhang Jie, Zhou Bichang, Li Xiao Yun, Zhou Hui, the new Seven Little Fortunes, Jeff Chang and many other stars presented brilliant performance. Zhang Yadong, Chen Hao, Shui Mu Nian Hua, Wang Xiao-kun, Chen Ming, Zhang Yin, SARA and other music celebrities, and more Tang Zi Yi and other two films cast same team, with more than 300 celebrities were invited to shine all walks of life attended the event. Large number of stars and love of people to join to participate, so that the whole field dazzling starlight night, warmth surging.

By the Central People's Broadcasting Station MusicRadio The Sound of Music organized by China Children and Teenagers Foundation, renowned Italian sports fashion brand Kappa, Muzine The Sound of Music co-sponsored 2009MusicRadio magazine The Sound of Music I would like to go to school "love of the 5003 project," large-scale public welfare activities have been a step into the seventh year, I have to go to school every year a theme, this year's theme is "Love 5003 Project," goal is to raise 500 children three years of living allowance. The "Love Charity Event 5003," All proceeds will be donated to the China Children and Teenagers Foundation, for the financing of at least 500 poor children three years of cost of living allowance. This year "I want to go to school" love public service activities from August 2009 visit poverty-stricken mountainous area of Hebei Fengning visits, September 3 officially launched in Beijing, during which after more than three months, travel around the country more than a dozen of the large city of love Roadshow events and live concerts, there have been dozens of performances and artists involved in charity, to help the children go to school Qing Qing appeal. December 14, in this cold winter bloom "Love Charity Event 5003", brought together more love, with many child care and support charity The Sound of Music reporting this popular love history, thank you all the way to love .

Star altar contests, and show love opening the capital moving

7pm, all invited guests artists, one after another from the Avenue of Stars, the red carpet into the venue. Altar on the contests, and naturally the focus of the media reporters to capture, regardless of media, flash alignment who has not diminished the enthusiasm of the audience, each appearance of the artists and guests have responded with enthusiastic applause and cheers resounded through the entire concert hall .

8:00 the whole night accompanied by beautiful melodies, big screen turn on the children's smiling faces Zhang; shabby desk, shabby classrooms, difficult family environment, children are still smiling. At this point, a subtitle on the big screen, "We had them, did what?" Touched the hearts of all those present. 2009MusicRadio The Sound of Music I want to go to school, "Love Charity Event 5003" In the warm and loving atmosphere, quietly began.

Kappa body prior to exercise, the first donation of clothing and warmth to the mountains

Well-known Italian sports fashion brand Kappa, The Sound of Music four years and I have to walk to school together numerous moving, warm day. Since 2006, Kappa and the Sound of Music together with concern about poor children's school problems, love footprints all over China for thousands of poor children sent a care. Kappa love, as always, early snow cover this winter in North China when the first donation of 1.17 million worth of clothing to the poor areas of the teachers and students, for the children and teachers presented the best care close to help them tide over this cold winter. When the on-site delivery of large-screen broadcast of the donated clothing scene, burst into warm applause, the Chinese children based on the stage as Miss Song Liying, secretary general of China General Manager Mr. Ren Yi Kappa awarded honorary certificates, special thanks to Kappa as a good enterprises, for the children of the public contribution to the cause.

Xie Na popular entertainment over to help out, to stir up love beam sale

As the stage lights gradually turn on the host Long Tian, Xie Na full bloom, suddenly packed the center of the Concert Hall cheers everywhere, and the atmosphere on fire. It seems popular audience favorite "Funny Wizard" Xie Na, appears in the charity evening on the stage, really gave us all a pleasant surprise. Xie Na over the play, however, by no means a simple task, even more important is to provoke a sale beam, for the original serious bazaar scene, into the more relaxed, fun atmosphere. Host a variety show has always been known for Xie Na, nothing more than taking skill really amazing the first to debut a new play Pianxiang 7 Fort Worth Zhou Hui ask for a small gift. Sure enough, Jackie Chan's of His "New Seven Little Fortunes" and Zhou Hui had come prepared, they not only have not arrived at the scene of Jackie Chan for the Big Brother sends a blessing, but also brings a real gift of love. At this point, Jackie Chan appeared on the big screen with a warm smile, a VCR, Big Brother cordially appeal to all to help kids like him to Xian love.

Jackie Chan pledges of 100 poverty-stricken children in the first

Subsequently, the Jackie Chan disciple "New Seven Little Fortunes" and Zhou Hui-site on behalf of Jackie Chan donated 100 children a year living allowance. Zhou Hui and the "New Seven Little Fortunes" Though young, but love does not fall behind, to follow their own Jackie Chan has also presented a token of gratitude, respectively, pledged a number of children a year cost of living allowance. After a "non-old Moon," to express deeper feelings, but also deliver more care to the needy people. Then, the new Seven Little Fortunes on behalf of the master opened a "giant zero distance" "project of the charity auction. So-called" giant zero distance "is the opportunity, as Jackie Chan's valet de chambre to follow the big brother and crew, were at the latest film" Private Game "the first Ying-type, Jackie Chan's martial arts experience life with the superstar to achieve the dream of zero distance. The evening sale will be held after the end of a formal public bidding in the online fans.

Zhang Jie, BOBO and other minority artists singing in series with the course of love

The new Seven Little Fortunes singing off the strike, the host Long Tian, and Xie Na leads everyone on the big screen of the VCR, the joint review from 2003 to 2004 The Sound of Music family love all of the moving moments. VIPs on stage with the audience were touched by the truth. Zhang Jie as a way to support my friend want to go to school activities, leading sang "I want to go to school," the first session of 2003, the theme song "Let love with the music, take-off", followed by Bibi, Top Combine, BOBO sang a combination of 2005, respectively , the theme song "The Doll", 2007, the theme song "DoReMiFaSo" and the 2008 theme song "with love light up hope," singing with heart tandem with the Sound of Music 7-year history of tough love.

Hard-core fans Families battle, his real feelings affect the Bibi, Li Xiaoyun

The most warm evening scene, than the two small fans and idols Bibi, Li Xiaoyun of the same stage. The Sound of Music show on the network before a public auction and Zhou Bichang, Li Xiaoyun opportunity to sing the same stage, very coincidental that the auction winners are the two small fans mother. Chen Lei, mother and son from Guangzhou is the super T pro-family, mother to 12,000 yuan photographed with pen pen chorus opportunity, all in pursuit Suibi pen to support public goods, from small pleasure in helping educate and guide his son, and love. The scene as a pen holding pen 3-year-old Chen Lei onto the stage, the Field immediately burst into warm applause, spreading waves of fans passionate cry for a "Your Love", also expressed out of the pen pen pen pro - are most sincere thanks.

Li Xiao Yun's "cloud family" also presented a piece of the infinite tenderness of love. Xiao Yun, and three from the People's Congress attached elementary school of the 10-year-old pretty girl onto the stage hand in hand, with hot eyes and excitement with the singing of "precipitation." In Xiaoyun beautiful anthem, the fans and the idol is like a warm family, together for love and sing, has also become of this "Love Charity Event 5003" the most touching scene.

Lihou Lin Hsien-1 "Diamond Heart" to witness a happy moment

Hanson Li Houlin Group for family members, in particular, has donated a diamond ring I Do, night scene was shot announced the winner. One from Taiwan's President, finally, to the price of 25,999 yuan of special significance will be这枚diamond ring within his grasp. The scene is unexpected is that this came from Taiwan, Mr. Wu made a special trip to give audience to bring a romantic surprise. In Mr. Li Houlin's encouragement, Mr. Wu under the girlfriend take bold steps to sit out in public when kneeling down to marry him. This sudden surprise, his girlfriend moment at a loss. Audience at this moment the silence of thousands of spectators breathless reply to listen to that heartbeat. At this time, a gentle voice came thin, "I do", a near capacity audience responded with enthusiastic cheers and applause unusual. In the thousands of spectators to witness the blessing and, by Mr. Li Houlin personally handed over the diamond ring which happy couples, but also its own sake of the original design of this ring's wishes.

International Guitar Master Paco's 5003 exhibition of love stunt

Joined two international masters, in order to show Adds highlights, the flame of love even more enthusiastic.

Taiwan's top Magic Master "sticky Liren" specially designed for the show two fantastic magic shows. With lights, smoke to create a magical world, with his consummate skill the art, for his performances won applause.

Spain's royal family own guitar god Paco teacher, also presented his神乎其技superb guitar performances, combined with warm exotic flamingo dance audience moment of passion has been ignited. Paco teacher's dream to create the mood, we have insight into this amazing world-renowned for exquisite playing fingering. In addition to presented a rare performances by outside, Paco teacher also brought him a love. Tour around the world for many years, he heard about the living conditions of children in poor areas, the said he was very distressed, and would like to do their best to help them complete their dream of going to school, on-site not only to come up with a Porsche mobile phone sale also committed itself to an exclusive concert party is willing to contribute funding dedicated to the poor children of the donors, to express his most sincere gratitude to them. Evening, the organizers will auction the respected party.

Chen Yongge such as the Sino-Japanese musician Xian love and charity to create an exclusive EP album

Charity evening sale session, always tear sensational. And this "love of the 5003 Charity Gala" sale on-site, then become a blend of laughter and tears, dreams stage. An individual with dreams and elaborate plan to become the biggest highlight of this evening. Well-known music producer, bamboo books in for the party president, Mr. Shen Yongge devoted a special sale items, is a build for the singer's "dreams Scheme", the scene looks in this matter who will be a professional team in his production of packaging an individual the exclusive EP, released 2000 in the market. EP Chinese and Japanese efforts to build cross-border production team, including the famous music producer: Chen Yongge, Zhongheng, Qu Shi Cong, Otomo Koetsu, Awano King Third, they had at home and abroad has more than 50 artists created a group of nearly 1000 works. The songs produced by their surgeon, will be broadcast The Sound of Music channel. The audience was singing lucky shot, the next nearly 50 cities across the country while more than 200 million 4 million people could be heard. In addition, we also muzine The Sound of Music magazine released the special coverage, so you become the star everyone's attention, and many singers with the biggest names to share ideas and experience of love. For their own packaging to create single, for many singers who love music is a dream. "Accomplishments Music Dream" the opportunity to eventually be the site of a young love who looks, then he will enter the tense build package. The near future, there may be one of "love" started rising star from us, let us bless Him.

Jeff Chang to lead the trans-pacific interpretation of truth, love is always flooded again and again to continue

Love song prince Jeff Chang during his 21 years has been an active part in public welfare undertakings, the participation "of love 5003 Charity Gala" performance, as the finale of the guests sang the song "Love on a word," feelings of love with the songs to pass, and hope that we can to do its part, calls for the truth, the kids pass the love around.

Charity Gala Finally, Jeff Chang to lead the audience on stage together with artists, in the flowers and colorful Laying among the co-presented in 2009 I would like to go to school "love of the 5003 project," the theme song "Twilight playground." Cohesion in the trans-pacific singing, in an atmosphere of love surging, 2009MusicRadio The Sound of Music of Love Charity Event 5003 successful conclusion of The Sound of Music to help poor children to attend school sound of the footsteps will always flooded to stay on track and also like to thank friends of the national audience, interpret the stars, many of the social elite, the way hundreds of media support and love.



14 evening 7:00, MusicRadio The Sound of Music I want to go to school, "Love Charity Event 5003" will be held Beijing. Then Jeff Chang, Zhang Jie, Zhou T Chang, Zhou Hui, Li Xiaoyun, and many other artists will participate in performances, gathering together for the love. Netease Entertainment will be live video 19:00 grand evening.

Jackie Chan to bring a new Seven Little Fortunes sacrificed his love.

Netease Entertainment December 14 reported that in December 2009 the evening of 14 7 pm, MusicRadio The Sound of Music I want to go to school, "Love Charity Event 5003" will be held at Longtan Lake Center Island Beijing Concert Hall was held. Then Jeff Chang, Zhang Jie, Zhou Bichang, Zhou Hui, Li Xiaoyun, BOBO combination, Yu Hao Ming, the new Seven Little Fortunes, and many other artists will participate in performances, Zhang Yin, Hao, Shui Mu Nian Hua, Wang Xiao-kun, Chen and other music celebrities, with more than 200 public celebrities and entertainment stars were also invited to attend this event, gathering together for the love. Netease Entertainment as the exclusive network broadcast support, live video show will be held 19:00 spectacular event, so stay tuned!

Also invited the famous variety show host mystery play, is to partner with The Sound of Music hosts Zhang masters, but Ru, Long Tian. Trans-pacific have performed together for the cause of love love and became the biggest highlight of this evening. This evening all the proceeds will be donated to the China Children and Teenagers Foundation, for the financing of at least 500 poor children 3 years of living allowance.

The current "MusicRadio The Sound of Music I want to go to school love 5003 project" large-scale public welfare activities, has successfully held seven sessions, parties will strive to forge a witness to 7 years to grow and looking forward to a bright future charity feast. The matches for charity party to abandon the traditional song will be sensational form, incorporated more elements of interaction and variety. To this end, the organizers invited me to go to school over the years to support the activities of a number of artistes over the years the activities of the theme song, and links with the unique and elaborate bazaar perfect blend of performance. It is worth mentioning is that several heavyweight celebrities will participate in the sale of commodities, given their love of the same heavyweight, bright star for the evening to add.

A star-studded, Aspect continuous charity night, will debut in the 14's night warmth. Is now time for you to track on the first night of the most anticipated charitable six Aspect.

Aspect 1: Jackie Chan pledges of 100 poverty-stricken children in the first three years, cost of living allowance

Chan had always been dedicated to the charity Big Brother, I heard that this "love 5003 project" The goal is to help 500 children to raise three-year living allowance, immediately pledged 100 children a year living allowance. As the party that night because the work could not visit the scene, on the special arrangements for apprentices "New Seven Little Fortunes" and Zhou Hui presented on behalf of the love of myself. At the same time the site will also open the "All-Star zero distance" of the sale. Get this quota through the auction audience will have the opportunity to close as a brother Jackie Chan, a small assistant, followed him and the crew took part in the latest film "Private Game" the premiere of Jackie Chan's martial arts experience life with the superstar to achieve zero-touch梦想.

Aspect 2: Zhou Bi Chang, Li Xiaoyun light "Dream Star"

"Love Charity Event 5003" Special Feature of "Dream Star" charity links, invited King Bibi's popularity and Li Xiaoyun, respectively carrying "the most caring" and two lucky fans on stage singing. Fortunately, however, fans generate is, indeed, experience a fierce competition. As early as two weeks before the start of the show on the network had already begun to auction the two chorus places. Just a few days, hot auction prices soaring day by day, the current two lucky fans have already surfaced, the ongoing intensive rehearsals, show the scene with their debut will idol charity show stage, presented wonderful performances.

Aspect 3: Li Houlin give his a "Diamond Heart"

Hanson Group of the family Li Houlin, to help poor children go to school to complete the dream, but also specifically for the school this year, I would like to donate a diamond ring on the network I Do a public auction. He personally also said that love, Betty, hoping to effectively help children in poor areas, but also can contribute to the world lovers get married. At present, I have to go to school exclusive Taobao charity shop这枚uniquely designed diamond ring is still warm to the auction. Do not know which lucky people can get the ring, will not, such as Mr. Li Houlin expected, you can witness the happy moment, we will wait and see.

Aspect 4: Chen Yongge musical achievements of the dream with love

As we all know, the famous music producer, president of Mr. Shen Yongge Bamboo culture, is a leading music industry figure, with his cooperation in numerous famous artists, there are many young people to become the singer's dream with him. This time, Mr. Shen Yongge will use his unique way for me to go to school devoted to a love, he donated was a professional team to create a "Dream Plan", was the scene personally presided over the evening sale. This plan will have to shoot those who like the music, to create a professional standard of personal exclusive EP, hire a professional team on the auction winner of the overall package publicity, hoping for a singers dream circle. Professional photographer shooting album covers, released 2000 CD-ROM. Such a rare opportunity to realize their dreams, for dreams music carries the audience is really rare. Tense and full of suspense-site sale is absolutely not to be missed.

Aspect 5: International Masters for the charity stunt show

Flamingo-style dance, I believe many viewers are not familiar with, and in the stage of this year's charity event, will present a top international level Flamingo playing shows, presented神乎其技for us, superb performance is particularly invited to the Spanish royal family own guitar god Pasco teachers. By then, the stage will be to use lights, smoke to create an exotic dream country, the enthusiasm of the audience the power at this moment in music lit.

Taiwan's top magician for the evening will be presented sticky Liren superb performances. Stick Liren teacher in Taiwan, but earlier than the famous magician and Liu Qian. How the magic of his art, will present to us what kind of fantasy play?

Aspect 6: trans-pacific to lead the seven-year journey of love

Also in this charity show, the singers bring to the audiences of their latest songs, choreographed by the host over the years the theme song Yakitori is also worth looking forward to. Zhang Jie as the first appearance of the artists will sing I want to go to school the first session of the theme song "Let love with the music off." 2005 Fish Leong sings the theme song "The Doll" in order to warm lyrics, sweet singing, has recorded countless innocent children smile. Party scene, Bibi will use their own unique way of re-interpretation. Meanwhile, the supreme combination of Reed Hopewell BOBO will also perform 07 and 08 respectively, the theme song "DoRiMiFaSo", "with love light up hope." Finally, the evening concert in the Stars of the 2009 theme song, "Twilight playground" and with a high period.

December 14 of this star-studded, Aspect continuously "Love Charity Event 5003" will be officially kicked off the evening 7 o'clock, for love bloom! If you can not visit the site, please visit the NetEase Entertainment ent.163.com and The Sound of Music's official website www.musicradio.cc, watch online live transmission. For more information, please lock the frequency around the Sound of Music.



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