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Jackie talks about producing The Myth Series

Very interesting what he says about his feelings about helping develop/promote new actors, and interesting what he says about the themes of the series.

Reporter: How did you shoot initiation TV version of "myth" the idea of it?

Jackie Chan: To be honest this movie began as a producer actually a bit hesitant about the film version is too deeply rooted among the concrete in this film is often very difficult to interpret on the basis of new content, the audience already has an established concept. But when I turned a few pages of the script, he immediately attracted by this script, read in one breath, and then produced and directed research in some scenes what lens, what is the idea of composition of such substantive issues. I think the script is very important, a good script to the actors and directors can be more play space, and "myth" of the script gave me the first impression is very rich and full of limitless possibilities, proved true.

Q: how do you think of the number of directors to choose to work together?

Jackie Chan: TV for lack of space cooperation between the issue of directors is necessary. But the number of films to participate in the work of understanding and communication on the existence of the problem, such as the general director Jiang Jiajun and blue Zhiwei directors, and they sometimes play together for discussion, in particular, are the highlight of filming will be repeatedly discussed plans, they are more than a dozen co-operation year partner, are familiar with each other, often tacit, so I think that everyone is very understanding and co-operate. We also have a group of dedicated shooting military plays. Industry specializing in surgery, making sure the guidance Wu martial arts movie director than the line, so that the scene shot on arms control by the involved parts of the text to show Chiang guide them. Clear division of work between us, cooperation, very happy.

Reporter: You have promoted a lot of new people this time, will worry about this?

Jackie Chan: promotion not really, I just like to give the audience something fresh, "knowledge person" is very important, because it is a stress cooperation, team work, so that everyone can work at the appropriate play to his talent one aspect of my job, so selecting partners often determines the success or failure. I like the actors with the potential cooperation, which is my a personal hobby, to explore these kids do not see a bright spot someone let me enjoy it, there are many talented actors, the whole body exudes star quality, but the because of the lack of Bole and slowly depressed, and I think it is a kind of heartbreak losses.

Reporter: What film had the difficulties encountered in the process?

Jackie Chan: Actually we have been struggling with the difficulties. Among the technology, the time, there are funds on, as well as to communicate on. For example, when it rains there is still hope God does not rain, anxious to catch the play when the spate of rain and the like, and these estimates are for each crew will encounter problems. However, there are some really allow me to still feel a little regret, such as lack of time, later broadcast on CCTV in order to cope with the time, we visit a shrink and then shrink the actors time slots are also renewed many times, it is no later approach had to delete some very exciting show, which is a pity.

TV version of story a boy's growth process

Reporter: Compared with the film, TV series version of And how about the inheritance and new ideas?

Jackie Chan: First, a lot more characters than the film, both in comparison with the film although the main line is very similar, but because TV allows you to have a lot of lines at the same time, so we have longer hours, and joined the overlord of the early Han Dynasty Qin Mo competition, also joined the other Vice-line, but also to the modern part of the alternating part of the fusion of ancient times to improve pace of play tension, more than when I film a lot of rich content.

Reporter: TV version follows the film version of the name for what considerations?

Jackie Chan: TV version of the film version of the continuation and complement, but also has helped me in the film some regrets. But the drama is not to reproduce the film, screenwriter has her own ideas, her own did not bring the two versions of the "myth" as the same one, and she expressed in both the theme of the play is different, we feel that even though with the same name also does not matter. TV drama "myth" is more large, we show a boy grew up, how he stood years of history to understand human Xing Huai, different audiences here will be a different inspiration.

Reporter: From the film to spend point of view, describing a lot of people play the dark side of such a design would not make work the tone is too dark?

Jackie Chan: TV version of "myth" describes the dark side of human nature some people, but the direction is very positive. The main theme of this movie, or love, Ogawa, and Yushu Princess love, Xiaoyue love with Xiang Yu also Okawa and high-lan love. Love itself is bright, love is a hope that this is a very cliche to say, but very appropriate. The original intention of this movie is not going to explore the humanity of the people are basically good or evil, this philosophical speculation on the television show levels will appear heavy, but because the relationship between the core of the story, which also inevitable. In troubled times, the most can not stand the test of a person's friend and brother, but ultimately victory is precisely the person's feelings, let this kind of emotion spread down, which is the love Ogawa and the value of Yushu. TV drama "myth" is still a tragedy, but can also give people hope.

Predicted ratings, the audience reaction to some apprehension

Reporter: "myth" and the early years of TVB's "Step into the Past" theme is very similar to the theme?

Jackie Chan: "Step into the Past," I have seen, Louis Koo to Xiangshao Long played this role very vivid. There are two drama in the historical background of the subject matter is very similar to, but I believe the audience if the "myth" of reading, you will find there is no overlap of the two plays, because it is entirely two stories, had done absolutely nothing to reference it, I think that brought is not fair to compare to one another.

Reporter: The movie "Myth" in 2005 have already been released, this will make TV version of the lack of a certain sense of mystery?

Jackie Chan: all my own work, I do have a starting point to such concerns. But the drama to attract viewers of them are listed the factors that could lure audiences into the theaters with differentiated elements, the film emphasizes mystery, but each episode has a TV transforms, as long as a good beginning, and will be able to form a power read on the audience. We shot for nearly five months time, not the least bit of slack, this film when I found a young actor of those passions. TV is a work of art with a commercial property, while it is impossible to achieve excellence, as the film did, but I still strive to do our best in every way. "Myth" the film version of the end of the Qin Dynasty, while the drama is more grand and historical background. The film's focus is on love, television is indeed a man's struggle is the history of the main line.

Reporter: Did the TV version of this ratings What are your expectations?

Jackie Chan: I do not want to predict the ratings, it is not controllable. Relative to the high ratings, I also look forward to TV version of "myth" in people's minds a little longer. After all, I was starring in the film, and in television that I became a key creative. This shift gave me the impression that the responsibility for this work more, so now for the audience's response is still some apprehension.


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And in a little snippet in another report apparently Jackie mentioned that he is working on the idea of converting Project A and Police Story into a television series citing the fact that the story line can be explored in greater depth in a series than compressed in a film. Jackie said that the original director's cut of The Myth was 3 hours *** but because they had to cut it down to half of that a lot of the story was cut from the movie. He said that there were people particularly interested in Project A but that he would not just sell the script/storyline but had to have a comprehensive evaluation of the production and direction because he wanted to ensure the quality of the end result.

Source: SOHU.COM

*** Lets have a show of hands for a full length directors cut of The Myth!


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