Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Big Soldier Poster Launch

This report translated better than usual. I must confess only Jackie could a laugh out of the audience by referring to his own movies as 'dog ***'.

There is video of the event at SINA.COM and I must say the New Seven Little Fortunes have improved by leaps and bounds. They are singing as a group now and have the choreography of the dance down pat. Really good to see all the hard work is paying off.
By Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom starring film "Private Game" will be held February 14, 2010 New Year's Day release. Yesterday morning, Jackie Chan attend the "Private Game" the official poster ceremony. For this the fruit of more than 20 years, Jackie Chan is very confident that film is absolutely not a "Drunken Master 1", "Drunken Master 2" kind of dog ***. Apart from Jackie Chan, other participants will perform the new Seven Little Fortunes, Seung Jun, Lin P also performed posters ceremony.

At the press conference scene, Jackie Chan, the film theme a cappella song "rape," why not allow for the Lee Hom concert? Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom side of learning to the R & B style of singing, while singing the words that make Lee Hom put inside the local flavor have to sing out.

"Private" preference "potato"

"Private Game" Although Jackie Chan's new work, but Jackie Chan revealed that 20 years ago thought about the story: "This story is only two people, the story is difficult to think, then the script is to provide Jaycee Chan and Jiang Wen played, but the Jiang busy shooting his film, sight, and later wants to Sammo Hung, and my acting, and eventually me and Lee Hom, make their own soldiers had. "It took 20 years for this effort works, Chan said the domestic audience of high quality, not indiscriminately shoot, or film the first day of release, the next day can be scolded into a web.

In the active site, referred to Jackie Chan movie completely unstoppable when it comes to Xing Department, Jackie Chan Ching suddenly open throat singing video has local flavor of the song "rape," and then we in the field Let's talk about the creation of this song , the original Jackie Chan is very Italian "potato" should be felt on singing this song in the very feeling. However, as directed by Ho Ping's "Wheat Field" came out, as incompatible with the historical emergence of the "eat potatoes" of the lens, have been condemning the audience, Jackie Chan had to part with, "such good lyrics, can not be inconsistent with the history to go into ... ... "

"Soldier" from the grassroots level

Before Jackie Chan debut, "Private Game" in the actor a new Seven Little Fortunes, Seung Jun, Lin Peng and other "soldier" on stage one after another just give wonderful performances, and talk about Big Brother and the master Jackie Chan co-operation feelings. The new Seven Little Fortunes disclosed in the "Private Game" they want to play dead, carry the lighthouse and so on, Jackie Chan to teach young people they are now easier to Xinfuqizao, a lot of things from the grassroots level.

Korea Dance singer Seung Jun in the "Private Game" is also an electric shock the big screen, and the idol Jackie Chan co-brother for the first time. For this and the experience of filming with Jackie Chan, Seung Jun disclose to work together with their idols are very excited to get the script just can not stand when you are too let him completely unable to sleep. To get a good film, Seung Jun in Chinese is also a great progress in the field will be able to freely exchange complete without an interpreter, he boasts that he is South Korean singer in the Chinese put it best. With Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom's "dirty" shape is different from Seung Jun praise themselves on a white horse in the film is truly a "Prince Charming." (Spring City Evening News)



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