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MTV Gala Video

Video of the MTV gala in Shanghai





Jackie won the 'most stylish public service achievement' award last night at the event as well as singing in the final number.

The New Seven Little Fortunes also made an appearance at the event.


2009SMGMTV Super Festival awards ceremony the evening of December 2 bright staged at the Shanghai Grand Theater. The day of the "red carpet" Stars shine on the Jackie Chan with his disciples the "New Seven Little Fortunes" to come to join in;阿娇(Gillian Chung) wearing a sexy little dress Bra appearance, attracted fans of a scream; Stanley Huang, Donnie Yen, small SONG Jia and other artists have also attended the dress.

The awards night is basically to those who take part, so everyone in the stars beaming. However, reportedly because the time slots issue, scheduled to attend the grand ceremony of the new division, "Golden Horse" Bingbing temporary absence, and "the most style of the Mainland actress," a prize was awarded to Gao Yuanyuan, therefore changed the result attracted a lot of questions.

Jackie Chan Xian Ge called green

Jackie Chan finale red carpet that night and in the final Xiange a grand ceremony, without a doubt the heaviest component of the evening guests. He was always enthusiastic in public welfare activities, won the "Most-style public service achievement" award. Night, in his concept of the platform also did not forget to promote environmental awareness, call for "less to open a lamp to throw a little less trash," keep in mind that green. And his disciples "New Seven Little Fortunes" also came to power performed, each extraordinary skill.

Guests attended the grand ceremony of the chest are all wearing red ribbons, quite eye-catching. It is reported that this is for the December 1 World AIDS Day propaganda, appealing to cherish life.

Karen Mok Stephen Fung invited to the movies

Awards ceremony, Karen Mok defeated Joey Yung, Kay Tse, was "the most style of Hong Kong female singer" award. When she Accompanied Jackie Chan's older brother's hand appears in the altar when the crowd cheers prevalent. Karen Mok Live electronic folk song "playing tambourine sang," triggering audience chorus.

In an interview with reporters, Karen Mok frankly fell in love with an electronic folk style. "These folk songs are very exciting work, but also have a market. I would like to replace the previous classical works, with new genre to perform, so that today's children can also fall in love with folk music." In addition, Karen Mok to disclose their positive intense preparation for Christmas concert, she said: "I want you all to sing a favorite song out of the clothing will be 10 different forms, almost all of the facelift on the stage will be very interesting."

Interestingly, Karen Mok's ex-boyfriend Stephen Fung also attended the grand ceremony that day, but none of the two red-carpet. When asked privately whether there exchanges, Karen Mok and generous to say: "just meet him there in the background."

Stephen Fung director's new film "jump to" just released, whether it has invited Karen Mok to see? She says with a laugh: "Just now there is the invitation, but I recently have been busy concert thing, and so will definitely buy a ticket to go after the cheer."

"Mature"阿娇feminine sexy

阿娇the evening as guests of honor present, experienced the "Yanzhao" storm, she has become increasingly mature, and change to the "Mature" line makes her even more feminine, wearing a sexy little dress Bra screams attracted a crazy , Xuanse barreled cotton socks sexy mix has become more invincible. However, on the stage阿娇has been no small embarrassment. As guests of honor, she is with a foreign male model playing with this Jieming Tang, she actually talk in a lame English, incoherent on stage. From simple "Do you know why you here" (you know why come here to do) to "I like you, you tall", both hum and haw and can not give a neat grammatical structure of English, is striking. She also publicly pleading for his life, said: "Otherwise we have directly in Chinese award it, it is too embarrassing." It is understood that these lines are a good word in advance, but a tension that she has frequently Wangci of.

Gao Yuanyuan embarrassment Awards

The new section, "Golden Horse" Bingbing publicity earlier in the Festival has been a big hot people, organizers said many times that she will attend the Festival's activities, in fact, that night she was absent because "time slots problem."

According to legend, it is precisely because of the absence of Li Bingbing only to make the organizers of "the most style of the mainland actress" temporary change was awarded to Gao Yuanyuan, so many in the audience that high round to take this award a little less weight, and the high round themselves quite embarrassment, hurriedly left after winning the prize, did not accept the reporters.

★ red-carpet show

Most people LU Kun Lei

Won the "Most-style domestic designer," Lu Kun has become the red carpet on the night of the "Quake", light blue vest, red pants, bright dripping, Ray had the audience mad sweating, have inquired that he was. Lu Kun an interview on the evening of outlandish clothes looked very proud of: "Since it is the most style awards, it should be a breakthrough. Red trousers is my identity, each activity must have."

The most Funny Liu Li Yang

Liu Li Yang, Fahrenheit surround the red carpet, and she is about 20 centimeters tall wearing a black hat, "height" exactly in line with Jiro, was host called "Muse."

Most pay attention to Jane Zhang

Jane Zhang in the evening in the garment more luxurious a star, red-carpet time with a pencil pants with gold petal-shaped T-shirt, looked small and stylish. Link to the presentation, she changed the black skirt dress and act a little more elegant rooms.

The most noble Pace

"9 body beauty," Pace with a full black imitation V Neck dress on a red-carpet queen fit the design and fabric hanging shun her tall body perfectly accentuates. Hair flying, some noble spirit of its own.

★ Snapshots

Donnie Yen on the spot "off the trophy"

Receives "the most style of Hong Kong and Taiwan actor" award of the Yen night staged a two small "blunder." In the background interview, Donnie Yen came to power on a rough ground into the hands of the broken cup, the host can not help but quipped: "The Kung Fu ah really will bring the trophy are dismantled." While the interview is completed, he absent-minded to put a site into his hands as a propaganda props doll away, but also Taitailielie asked the sentence: "This is for me, right?" site reporter has the nerve not to come back but to let Donnie Yen with a doll have left, the presence of reporters yelling laughter.

Donnie Yen night directly from the crew in the past to accept the award, he disclosed that this year is already shooting five films, very tired, had a cold the day before filming even more because of the hospital drips. When asked which of this year, the Ministry of promising Chinese-language film, Donnie Yen Selling what Mrs. Wang is also to recommend the "October Rising" and "Jin Yiwei."

Fahrenheit respondents encounter "cold"

Taiwan's popular boy bands Fahrenheit This time was awarded the "Taiwan-style combination of best group" award. Fahrenheit four sub-flashing clothes that evening to attend the ceremony, but also on stage Amidst the fanfare. OTC crazy fans joined in the chorus, screaming huge success. However, in the background, the face of media, but it sounds a bit emotional Fahrenheit is not high, but not too many topics media questions, and the atmosphere suddenly a bit cold. Host Busy smooth things over, said: "I urged them to Danding's."

Khalil Fong Xiange to reporters

Was "the most style of Hong Kong male singer" award Fang Datong, a reporter's request, in an interview with the live performance of the Wonder Girls sexy hot song "No-body", won the warm applause from reporters. He disclosed that next year a new album, when asked whether the sex scandal and his girlfriend Fiona Sit and co-operation, he said undetermined, but possible.

★ Awards List (Part Two)

Most style Mainland singer: Zhang Liang Ying

Most style Mainland Male Singer: Xu Wei

Style Hong Kong's most male singers: Khalil Fong

Most Hong Kong-style singer: Karen Mok

Most style male singer in Taiwan: Stanley Huang

Most style singer in Taiwan: Tanya Chua

Mainland-style combination of most groups: fruity VC

Most Taiwan-style combination of groups: Fahrenheit

The most style Mainland Actor: Wang Zhiwen

Most style Mainland actress: Gao Yuanyuan

Most-style Hong Kong and Taiwan actress: Shu Qi

Style Hong Kong and Taiwan the most Actor: Donnie Yen

Most annual film style: "wind"


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