Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MTV Super Gala

Jackie walked the red carpet with Karen Mok at the MTV Super Gala at the Shanghai Theatre this evening.

He looked very handsome in a black suit, sporting a red ribbon in support of World Aids Day.


Other news report about the event:
LOS ANGELES by the Shanghai Media Group and the East co-sponsored by MTV Music Television 2009SMG MTV Super Festival December 2nd bright staged at the Shanghai Grand Theater. Festival star-studded field from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and other regions were more than 100 film, TV, songs, fashion star together in order to style the name of entertainment together in 2009 conducted a comprehensive inventory of major .

Xu Wei, Zhang Liang-ying, Fang Datong, Karen Mok, Stanley Huang, write their own material such as singers, Wang Zhiwen, Gao Yuanyuan, Donnie Yen, Shu Qi and other film and television actor, Vivienne Tam, Lu Kun, azaleas and other fashion professionals is their impression of the Year 2009 profound or refreshing the style of performance, the final 2009SMG MTV exalted the glory of Super Festival - "crystal light bulb." Spy Game large "wind" With the breakthrough technique of expression was "the most style of the annual film"; Asian superstar Jackie Chan won by public-spirited activities, "the most style of public service success"; fashion photographer Mei Yuan-gui and the ELLE fashion editor co - the success of the group photos taken on board of the Europe and the United States magazine, due to lead the trend and embrace the first was "the most innovative breakthrough in style"; South Korea's popular portfolio of Wonder Girls more popular because of its irresistible charm of "the most style of the annual Asian artist" worry into the Huai.

This star-studded MTV Music Television Festival organized by the host Chen Zhengfei, Zhu Zhu, Dragon TV host woodlands, close ranks over the crown, in addition to the glory revealed 21 styles, there are 12 performances by interludes of which the audience can enjoy two Star bright hours of entertainment fashion feast.

South Korean popular combination of young and sexy with Wonder Girls singing and dancing of the "Nobody" opened the 2009 music phone SMG MTV Super BBK Festival curtain. Zhang Liang-ying, Fang Datong, Karen Mok, Xu Wei, fruity VC, Tanya Chua, Stanley Huang, Fei Lun Hai, Liu Li Yang, Jackie Chan, etc. followed by the stage, the audience has brought different styles of performances. Jane Zhang's "Mulan Star", Khalil Fong piano Zitanzichang, Karen Mok's "playing the bongo sang," British-style rock fruity VC, Xu Wei shallow singing crooning, Stanley Huang's Hip Hop ... ... at the scene set off a wave after wave of climax.

The dress attended Donnie Yen, Wang Zhiwen, Alec Su, 阿娇 and other television and movie celebrities such as fashion model, and azaleas in the altar on the interpretation of another round of exciting, or fresh and beautiful, or graceful feminine, or hot sexy, either wild unruly, or a dignified and restrained ... ... and diverse style of dress like a fashionable T-Taiwan show, people feast their eyes.

This from the fashion and music bring out the best pop culture event will be held during the MTV New Year's Day 2010, the Chinese Channel, Dragon TV, Star premiered yet, and new entertainment channel, when the viewers a chance to witness a strong line-style Chinese star Zhang.



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