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Report Hunan Satellite TV interview

Him, is to create a precedent for martial arts action-comedy star; he is second only to Bruce Lee's way out amidst some in Hollywood again after their places of movement actor; him, in the Chinese region has a high reputation and impact; he is Jackie Chan. Yesterday, Jackie Chan with his disciples the "New Seven Little Fortunes" and the new film "Private Game" Hunan TV appearance, "the story behind" column. As the entertainment Chan spoke about his brother's work and family a lot of things, three hours of recording time, so that the audience benefit.

As an actor

Dedicated and innovative

Jackie Chan's movies, in those seemingly Humorous fight scenes where one can often see him from a roof to another roof; or caught up in a helicopter jump from moving on the rope ladder; or in the cushion vehicle, struggling under a huge truck tire ... ... You might think it is special, but in fact all this personal battle Jackie Chan's "bayonet fighting."

Yesterday, at the recording site to broadcast this special edition of a Jackie Chan fight scenes, during which there have been pumping the sound of humming heard. This Jackie Chan is a simple to use a "silly" word to describe yourself: "I am a technical education, do not know what the blue backdrop, green scenery and special effects. I jumped to those movies, jump aircraft, ah are real, and now think about how stupid it looks. "

Acting 47 years, Jackie Chan, who also left countless injuries at the scene about a Jackie Chan in his filming of the thriller Yugoslav experience, that scene has also made Jackie Chan's left a hole in the skull. Having said this host Kyung Ho went over to the feeling of what this "hero's incomplete," but did not think this can not help but shed a tear by Kyung Ho Querang the scene of applause is also a long time without a break.

Jackie Chan's success not only because he would play, but also because of the martial arts innovation. A "Drunken Master" Let Jackie Chan became a hit, but also so that action-comedy was born. Many people follow suit after the shooting a "drunk" series, a lot of martial arts, which Chan said: "I just do not like others to do the same thing, everybody kung-fu film I would shoot the police story, we all shoot the police I will shoot A plans. "Jackie Chan's so changeable, because he knew martial arts star's life is not long, because the need for change gradually with the growth of road movie. In recent years, Jackie Chan film a "myth", "baby plan", "Shinjuku Incident" and the text play more movies, Jackie Chan, said: "I hope after all that I am an actor, not the action star." As a member of the family

Love into the every day

"I will not help you, you do not expect me to help you." It is hard to imagine Jackie Chan, Jaycee Chan in band gave him. Jackie Chan as a result of heavy growth in the Jaycee Chan in the process he often "absent" until yesterday, he also expressed the hope that he could not sell albums, movies, no one would watch, in order to grow frustrated. It seems that it seems the relationship between father and son are not harmonious, but when the hosts play a Hunan Pa Ho Gui quite literally opened up the spirit of Jackie Chan's wallet found inside a pile of Jaycee Chan photos - from the infant and early childhood, has been to the present, it can not help but make the audience visibly moved - in fact strict father's expectations. In fact, when Jackie Chan Jaycee Chan talking about the album, each song is very familiar, a sense of pride that his father had written on his face.

Chan disclosed that a particular Father's Day, Jaycee Chan happily blessed to call themselves, the results of their first two openings is the foul language, "I said do not call me Father's Day, birthdays, do not give me a call or play on the I normally play. "This is the Jackie Chan of his family live philosophy, he said he did not recall his wife, son and father's birthday, because if I remember the day his family will only be good, do not remember every day to their families will be好. The scene, he said, many young viewers: "empty multi-phone call back, pay more attention to the family This is the filial piety, so that every day is festive."

As a Chinese

Pride, self-esteem, attention to detail

Today, we can see that many stars moved to the foreign nationality, while his son Jaycee Chan Chan Queba nationality from the U.S. to China. Jackie Chan said there were foreigners, he said, "Only people emigrate to my country, my country who never emigrated," or, worse, also said "In our country there are no poor", these are deeply stimulus to the Chinese people as a Jackie Chan. Therefore, he has been in life from a minor at his own words and actions affect the people around.

The site yesterday, the host showed a reporter Kyung Ho snap photos - at the Beijing Olympic Center, just off the Jackie Chan is picking up a cigarette butt on the ground. Jackie Chan said he is usually the case, and sometimes afraid that the show will make people pick up what people around him. He also revealed that a "married class" to Rotterdam, a "married class" members of the throwing of plastic bags to pick up trash on the ground won the praise of the local two elderly people, especially when the two old people ask you where they are when they proudly said that he is Chinese. "Now China's moment of concern has been expressed, often in other countries waiting to find your stubble. Therefore, we must pay attention to his words and deeds." Chan said.

For the people some of the shortcomings, Jackie Chan is also an example are described, such as the throw cigarette butts in public places to call very loudly and so on. He also taught us how to live green: "endless drinking water to be poured into the street green belt, empty bottles and then thrown into the trash ... squash ..." At that point the "behind the story" seems to have become a major the classroom, the language used on stage-to-earth, who is deeply inspired by the audience.

Finally, Jackie Chan happily said that it has seen more and more people come to China to learn language, he hopes that China will become increasingly better. (Source: Changsha Evening News)



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