Friday, December 4, 2009

Jackie Chan Plays Soldier

Costume action comedy Big Solider launched its official website Monday in Beijing. Present at the launch ceremony was producer, screenwriter and leading actor Jackie Chan and director Ding Sheng. Chan announced that the film will premiere February 14, the first day of Chinese lunar new year.

Costarring Chan and Taiwanese singer Leehom Wang, Big Solider tells a catch-and-run story of a soldier and a young general from two rival countries. According to Chan, he got the inspiration for the script 20 years ago but was not able to shoot the film until recently.

"When I first had the idea, I was still young enough to play the general,"joked Chan, "now my age only allows me to be the big soldier."

Chan refuted the rumor that he had taken complete control of the production, saying that filmmaking is all about teamwork.

"The director is young but full of fresh ideas and Wang has contributed an excellent performance. It is not my film, but every crew member's."



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