Saturday, December 5, 2009

JC Auto Network Anniversary

Recently Jackie was in Guangzhou to celebrate the first anniversary of the JC Auto Network.

News reports about the event have been very scarce because it was very low-key but I found this one this morning.

Basically what it is says is that Jackie spoke about what he had in mind when he founded the network.

In brief:

  • Jackie wanted to start the network as a continuation of his commitment to charity and his sense of responsibility as a public figure.

  • For the good of the public Jackie wanted to promote a positive, healthy, green living car culture, in which people, and vehicles could have a healthy and harmonious society.

  • Jackie wanted to take advantage of his own resources and join hands with companies willing to do community work to have a greater influence with the public through cooperation.

  • JC Auto Network has donated computers and school supplies to schools in Sichuan.

  • The network will consciously work against drunk driving.

  • The network will actively promote cross-cultural understanding.

  • The network will actively promote green cars, green living, reduce emissions, as well as good, considerate driving habits.

  • Jackie wanted to create a site where people can enjoy friends, enjoy their car and through interaction encourage each other to highest standards.

  • Because car ownership is not restricted to just buying a car but maintaining it as well the site caters for all aspects of car care from repairs, maintainance, to insurance. These must all also reflect Jackie's emphasis on being committed to delivering services to the highest standard.

  • The network will launch various other sections in the near future such a video feature so that users can show the exciting life of cars!

"Jackie Chan vehicle network" in low-active operation for a year, to be called the industry's legendary pace of growth has made costly results. In an anniversary celebration of the occasion, the website of our founder, Mr. Chan talked about he founded automotive media in mind.

Mr. Chan has been committed to public charities, as a public figure, with a greater impact after the continuation of this responsibility, and love had become a public, the community of love and big responsibilities.

While doing an Internet automotive media is not only advocate we have a positive, healthy, green living car culture, people, vehicles, a healthy and harmonious society, it is also the cause of a public good, Mr. Chan continuous extension. Makes Jackie Chan to take advantage of its own resources and more willing to do public business enterprises and the public to join hands to do the public more influence. In Sichuan, Jackie Chan vehicle network computers donated by an orphaned and disabled children in classrooms, so that children sitting in a classroom can be exciting to know the outside world, Jackie Chan vehicle networks of Internet users to donate a lot of school supplies and books.

Jackie Chan vehicle network will also promote "consciously resist the drunk driving," "Biao vehicle User Exposure," "crossing cultures" and other public welfare activities, as the "crossing cultures" initiative, like Jackie Chan vehicle network promoting all the green vehicles, green living , energy conservation and reduce carbon emissions, give way to pedestrians and civilized driving, which is China's environmental protection efforts to the cause. Mr. Chan is also a car person, not only that, he wanted all car friends can better car, enjoy the cars, car, so a good platform to share their foundation. Jackie Chan vehicle network owners to promote high-quality drivers to make a civilization, the ultimate site to interact with friends from the common efforts to civilized driving, high-quality concepts driven by the widest range of spread. These healthy, active life car culture is the Jackie Chan way to do auto media, the original intention, nor is the Jackie Chan vehicle network, not only for the gallop of the concept.

Jackie Chan vehicle network owners are more concerned about buying a car after driving car repair and other real state. So Jackie Chan vehicle network is not limited to the value of online, and more for the User to provide services to facilitate the real line, reflected in and auto repair, maintenance, vehicle insurance and other agencies, which also reflects the brother Jackie Chan has repeatedly stressed that the integrity of the implementation and practical, and for the User Services 5 true expression. Online, Jackie Chan vehicle network will launch a number of features sections, such as film and television, Mr. Chan has a very high professional resources and professional spirit, Jackie Chan vehicle network to the legacy of this spirit, integration of resources to build strong car video section, through the star, netizens, automobile brand interaction, in order to User showing vivid and exciting picture of life vehicles.

Finally, Mr. Chan said to everyone: After a winter of rest in order to have blooming in spring, summer and prosperity, just as I was the Bird's Nest in May of this year's concert theme of "confidence in China." We would like to have confidence in ourselves, we have to have confidence in China. There dream catch, adhere to dream, uphold the passion, I believe that our young people are flying in their own area of the sky.



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