Monday, December 21, 2009

Jackie sends school supplies to Changchun

Jackie sent 928 sets of warm padded uniforms to students at the Dragon's Heart Schools in Changchun to help combat the cold. They received new bags along with the warm winter clothes as well.

"Jackie asked me to tell you, the Northeast is cold, we must note that cold, cold ... Do not ..." Yesterday, commissioned by the Jackie Chan, manager of the company Dragon Seed Heart Jun Deng and his party arrived in Changchun City Dragon Seed sincerely hope that schools, for children sent to 928 sets of cotton uniforms, and 928 new school bag.

10 am, deputy head of Chaoyang District, Changchun City, Geli Ping, Chaoyang District, Secretary for Education, TAN Jing-Feng Jun Deng and other leaders accompanied by his party arrived at Dragon Seed sincerely hope that school. Wang Yuan Vice-Chancellor reported on the school three years of work and the use of charitable funds.

Heart of Dragon's Miss Deng Jun said that the donated items are custom-made in Hong Kong, Jackie Chan, valued at 250.56 thousand yuan. Jun Deng said that in 2005, Jackie Chan as the Yanbian two special education schools donated cotton-padded clothes, cotton-padded shoes. In 2006, Jackie Chan has to help disabled family Yanbian 28 special fund-raising. Recently, 28 families will move this new home. Dragon Seed Heart will go on behalf of Jackie Chan, Yanbian, for 28 disabled family donated cotton-padded clothes.



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