Saturday, December 26, 2009

Police commend Jackie's good example

In a crack down on drunk driving in Hong Kong over the festive season police set up roadblocks in various locations around Hong Kong on Christmas Eve. Jackie, who had been out to a meeting, and had ONE drink called for a driver to take him home. When he was stopped at the road block in Tsim Sha Tsui police checked both him and his driver. On hearing the story the police have commended him for setting a good example for all drivers.

So please every one follow Jackie's example and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Police crack down on drink-driving during the Christmas holidays, Christmas Eve to police within 24 hours of Christmas, in the territory-wide roadblocks, spot checks of vehicles passing the operation a total of three driver was arrested for drink driving were taken in the investigation. The police operation in Tsim Sha Tsui, also happens to the car intercepted international superstar Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan learned that due to drinking, call the driver pick to go home, a safe driver model.

Police said the day before yesterday, 5:00 to 5:00 for 24 hours, the police in Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui at various roadblocks, vehicle checks for the drivers to conduct random breath tests, the operation a total of four drivers undergo an alcohol test, which confirmed that exceeded three, were taken in for further investigation, police are considering suing the three drink driving.

The police set up road blocks in Tsim Sha Tsui during the stop and search had happened to perform "real work" road safety driving videos car film and television star Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan found red faced, it seems that drunk, but the only passengers in the car Jackie Chan , there is no driving, his driver to undergo an alcohol test, also confirmed that no alcohol.

It is reported that Jackie Chan had attended an appointment at night, during which one drinks, he was for the protection of others and their own safety, then call the driver came to pick him up. Drive out of real skills of the road!" Jackie Chan starred in "real effort" Road safety driving videos, stressed the importance of road and traffic safety. A police officer come to commend him speak.

Transport and Housing Bureau spokesman said that since the "2008 Road Traffic Legislation (Amendment) Ordinance" in effect this year, February 9, the police is empowered to conduct random breath tests for drivers, since the drink driving cases less than the same period last year More than 70 percent, although a substantial reduction of cases, but stressed that still need to remain vigilant, the police will step up enforcement during the holidays to ensure that drunk drivers can be brought to justice.



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