Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haicang Charity Foundation

A very short video can be found HERE. (50 sec)

Another longer video HERE. (3:37) featuring actress Wei Wei and her 3 sons.

Longer video of Jackie interacting with the children HERE (2:43).

One more HERE (1:43)

2 more photos:

Netease Entertainment December 29 reports (text / Zhang Na) Haechang Charitable Foundation Anniversary of the establishment of a small stand-cum-welfare fund launch yesterday (28) in Beijing, such as the World's Children Center, Jackie Chan brought Seven Little Fortunes, Yvonne Yung Hung ( blog) his wife, Wei Wei, and three sons, Wang Zheng jointly arrived at the scene of activities to help out.

Jackie Chan to accept a child "Interrogation"

Yesterday launching the "public good little idea," the ceremony, the sea warehouse Charitable Foundation said it would collect the children a broad variety of public interest advocates, such as the world's children through the screening committee for the screening out of a small public advocate, sea warehouse Charity Foundation and for example the world will come up with nearly one million of the funds to help children achieve their dreams of public service.

In the active site, the children of the provisional form a small press corps to question Jackie Chan. Everyone rushes to mention a bunch of problems, leaving them struggling to defend themselves against Jackie Chan. Big Brother Jackie Chan to teach himself "into a Dragon Punch" to the children, the children see a very Qijin Er, from time to time to imitate the moves of Jackie Chan gestures. The singer Wei Wei is with three half-breed child to the scene to help out and sang "Love the dedication," Wang Zheng also a co-blind children singing "We are all good boy."

When he died at zero deposits to achieve

Jackie Chan keen to charity in recent years, but he believes he has not done enough, hoped to have more people to join the ranks of charity. He repeatedly put forward the "zero deposit" was yesterday, he again mentioned: "I took me ten years ago, half of the property donated to my foundation, I have to do in my time of the death of deposits is zero."

He disclosed that his childhood home because of the poor, and later, after seeing what fame had wanted to buy something like a result, have saved up a full six large warehouse, "Every one is on a million, but for me it is rubbish, So now, if what a friend likes, I have bought them, and then deposit the money into my foundation to help others. "


And a varied collection of photos of the event HERE.

Here are a few of Jackie from the collection:


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