Monday, December 21, 2009

Jackie, Yao MIng and Lang Lang join hands in Expo Charity

Jackie, Yao Ming and Lang Lang have joined together to fund a charity to fund poor children to visit the world expo. More news below:

December 21, Yao Ming in Shanghai to attend the "star to take you to see the World Expo" large-scale charity kick-off ceremony, Yao Ming, the spot was also read out a "help to promote Green Expo to share a bright future," written proposal. The event was organized by the World Expo Ambassador Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, co-sponsored by Lang Lang. China news agency issued Pansofi Photo

China news agency, Shanghai, December 21 (Reporter Cui Yufang) - Image by EXPO Ambassador Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, Lang Lang, co-sponsored a "star to take you to see the World Expo" large public service activities, on the 21st at the launching ceremony held in Shanghai .

"Little giant" Yao Ming regardless of leg, leaning on crutches came to the scene, he was ambassador on behalf of three World Expo announced the "Green Expo help share a better future," written proposal calling for more of the stars and celebrities, as well as community partners and the public interest love to join the Expo to promote the public welfare, to create a green and healthy future life of the ranks.

One of the activities of the organizers of the Shanghai World Expo Bureau officials said the Chinese quality in the world, select Yao Ming, Jackie Chan and Lang Lang 3 next year, the Shanghai World Expo will be exciting as the contents of tours, designed to participate in the star image of their own health and the unique influence the whole society especially young people, promote the Shanghai World Expo, relying on the activities to achieve the green to create a low-carbon future lives and demonstration platform for the exchange, dissemination "green, healthy, caring," public concept of the Expo.

Another highlight of the event is to support disaster and poverty-stricken areas, children go to Shanghai World Expo will be watching, so that more children will be able to share the outcome of the Expo. World Expo period, the star will lead the children to visit the Expo, and in the park to carry out public interaction activities.

It is reported that the event will appear in the parts of the country and the World Expo zone to carry out the "Red Tour, Love China" charity show, "Green Travel, love Chuan China" series of activities such as public lectures, and have been to the Expo will be held throughout the period.



quilt said...

When celebrities join hands to do something really shows how much they feel for the people who have brought them up.Good gesture indeed.

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