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An assortment of photos from today's press conference at the Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing. Jackie spoke about how CZ12 was really 52 years in the making as he brought every bit of knowledge he has gained from 52 years in the movie business to this film. He also mentioned how this movie was truly his 'baby' and that for the first time he cried when filming was over. "I don't cry for a broken leg, but when this movie was over the tears just ran."

Also present at the press conference was producer Wang Zhonglei who also collaberated with Jackie on Rob-B-Hood and Forbidden Kingdom. He said that working with Jackie on this movie was a new experience because he discovered that Jackie liked to moan.

Wang Zhonglei revealed a text message he received from Jackie while working in Latvia in which Jackie complained about how cold and uncomfortable it was hanging on the wires all day, that he hadn't even eaten lunch because the wind and cold gave him a headache and that he only finally got to eat at 11.45 pm and then had a production meeting. He did not recognise Jackie's international phone number and replied 'Who is this?" and Jackie replied with this message: "Brother, I just left you for one short month and you already forgot about me. I am risking my life to work for you in Lativa and you ask me who am I! Let me tell you who I am now! I am your partner and director, screen writer, action director, lead actor all in one. People of different races around the world only have to see my hair, my shadow, my action, my nose, or hear my voice to recognize the world film, television, music action World Class International Global Superstar. Who do you think I am?"

Revelation of these texts had Jackie alternatively wriggling with embarrassment and laughing at himself during the press conference.

A set of the Zodiac heads from the movie have been placed on permanent display at the Bird's Nest stadium.

Actor Jackie Chan has decide to donate the props used in his latest film, Chinese Zodiac, to the National Stadium, the main venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The film is about a treasure-hunting journey undertaken by kung fu masters who bring back bronze-headed statues that were looted by British and French troops from the Old Summer Palace in Beijing 150 years ago.

The stadium will exhibit replicas of the 12 statues, the most important props used in the film, and develop related games for tourists.

Chan wrote the script, directed the film and led the cast. The film will be released on December 20.




This link has both videos - the trailer and the 'making of' that was released today - MTIME.COM


Anonymous said...

Omg..@@..Jackie you are super sexy..!!!
I LOVE YOU !!! <3 :) C

Anonymous said...

I assume that SMS is text messaging?
Has any other movie had a similar display like this at the Birds Nest?

Anonymous said...

yes SMS = short message service AKA text message.

No there hasn't been any similar display, this is a first. It is as far as I can figure out a permanent display.

Asha Chan said...

Jackie looks so much beautiful and sexy in a black color suit! Great photos, really! Some of them are so funny:)) THANK YOU!

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