Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preparing for a New Role

Jackie had an interesting day today preparing for his new movie with Ding Sheng. He spent the day with the Beijing Criminal Investigation Unit learning about how they do their jobs. He was shown state of the art equipment, fingerprinting techniques, polygraph tests and given information about psychological profiling.

Jackie expressed his admiration for their dedication to justice and commitment to their work and said "they are the real tough guys". He also said that he had played Interpol Agents and Hong Kong Police but never a Mainland Police Officer and that today was all training for the new role.

Ding Shen, who is directing the new movie with Jackie, commented that today they visited canteens, dormitories, offices, interrogation rooms, polygraph rooms, fire-arms room, and the gym. He said that it was a very special experience and that he really appreciated all the details they were shown. He also commented that Jackie even switched the lights out in all the bathrooms as it is his habit to do.



camila alves said...

Great :)

carolthescot said...

Thanks for sharing ;0)

Anonymous said...

CZ 12 still does not has a US distributer so i just wanna ask a question and anyone can answer it and that is

1:Why this movie is not getting a US distributor?

2:Is there anything we can do to make CZ 12 get a distributor

Anonymous said...

So, it's not new part of Police Story?

Anonymous said...

Will CZ12 comme out in germany?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the post about a US distributor: I read months ago that CZ 12 was being released globally on 12 December but as you say, nothing so far - very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

As someone said before make this movie popular in your area and then maybe this movie will get a distributor

Anonymous said...


go to this link and see in the coming soon section it also says cz 12 so does that mean cz 12 has a US distributor also all of the other movies along cz 12 are all US movies

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link but if you look at the details for the movie, you will see that this is information for the Chinese release of the remastered 3D version of the movie in IMAX theaters in China.

CZ12 Details

As far as US / UK release of the movie is concerned I think a little patience is needed. I will be very surprised if it doesn't get picked up and I'm sure IMAX will have plans for the movie beyond China as well.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

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