Sunday, October 21, 2012

16th Annual Jackie Chan Challenge Cup

In 1997 the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation donated funds for the construction of the Jackie Chan Gymnasium at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. To celebrate the opening of the gymnasium the inter-collegiate basketball invitational tournament was started. Known as the Jackie Chan Challenge Cup, the tournament has expanded to include soccer, volleyball, rowing and table tennis and is a week long event at the university.

The winners' cup has a unique design modelled on Jackie's hand holding a basketball

The 16th Annual Jackie Chan Challenge Cup was held this past week in Hong Kong. Jackie and Sir David Akers-Jones (Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Hong Kong) were on hand to hand out the prizes. Unexpectedly Jackie also gave out cash prizes to the winners and encouraged young people to take part in sport and exercise more.



carolthescot said...

Thanks for sharing ;0)

Anonymous said...

superchan - FYI the simi garewal interview is back on youtube:
part 1
part 2

very good interview.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great sharing. I learned a lot from that videos, but still don't understand him. I think he is afraid really deep love someone...but he needs love and care soo much !!!
Anyway he is great....but maybe someone miss his care and love soo much too !!!

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why he never will go for a girl...or do anything to get a girl..even if he love her very much.
He sad the girls always go to him..he never needed to do anything...just chosing one whom he like the most.
But he told he is changing ???
I always thought that he is the kind of men...who willing to do anything for the women whom he love the most....

Anonymous said...

that interview was a few years ago

Anonymous said...

Sorry..I don't want to judge him ...and I know he is a great wonderful gorgeus man !!! And I am happy if I can get to know him more..about his feelings...about his life !!!
Thank you so much !!!

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