Friday, June 4, 2010

First Customers See Iron Man 2

Jackie's first customers on June the 1st (Children's Day) were a group of 200 disabled children who were invited by Jackie Chan Charities to watch Iron Man 2.

May 29, Chan has invested heavily in the construction of the largest five-star luxury cinema - Jackie Chan Yiu Lai International Studios fiery trial business. Day, many movie lovers come to Beijing is located in the west side of Jackie Chan Yiu Lai International Studios, digital screen experience the luxury, five-star sound effects bring the unparalleled viewing experience. Opened in the past few days, cinema hall has gathered many movie lovers, the scene is extremely popular, the number of cinema more than expected. Despite the continuous heavy rain at night, to theater viewing of people has not been reduced, more wind and rain do not mistake Jackie Chan fans to support the Jackie Chan theater, as Jackie Chan Yao Lai International Studios momentum.

June 1 Children's Day, JACKIE CHAN Yao Lai International Studios welcomed after the first small business customers, Dongcheng District, Beijing, more than 200 special education schools children with disabilities under the leadership of the teacher, ordered into the shadow City, for the JACKIE CHAN Yao Lai Studios to celebrate the International Children's Day activities, 61 had begun.

It is reported that this event will be Jackie Chan's charity, the spirit of love start to fully extend, in this special festival, Jackie Chan invited the children were free to watch the latest Hollywood action blockbuster "Iron Man 2", the real experience of the National largest and the best audio-visual effects to enjoy the high end of the top studios.

5月29日,成龙投巨资建造的全国最大五星级豪华影院——Jackie Chan 耀莱国际影城火热试营业。当天,众多电影爱好者来到坐落于北京西边的Jackie Chan 耀莱国际影城,体验豪华数字银幕、五星级音响效果带来的无与伦比的观影感受。开业几天来,影院大厅一直聚集了众多电影爱好者,现场极为火爆,观影人数更超过预期。尽管连续晚上下大雨,来影院观影的人也丝毫没有减少,更有成龙影迷风雨不误,支持成龙影院,为Jackie Chan 耀莱国际影城造势。

6月1日儿童节,JACKIE CHAN耀莱国际影城迎来了营业之后的首批小客人,北京市东城区特殊教育学校的200余名残疾小朋友在老师的带领下,有序的走进影城,为JACKIE CHAN耀莱国际影城庆祝六一儿童节活动拉开了帷幕。




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