Friday, June 4, 2010

L7 Record New Version of 'Blue Sky'

June 1 marks the international Children's Day, international superstar Jackie Chan's seven disciples - has recently been active in the entertainment of the new Seven Little Fortunes, chosen this special day into the studio to sing, and from the Tibetan orphans and the Sino-American International School Games record with the song "Blue Sky." In the event, the new Seven Little Fortunes bring the children a rich and valuable gifts, including a Jackie Chan movie made when the film ruler, school bags and delicious food.

It is understood by the Jackie Chan Sun Nan choral version of "Blue Sky" has been officially released, this song unusual significance to carry forward the spirit of public service by the public acclaim and hot. This, as Jackie Chan's disciple new Seven Little Fortunes, and Tibetan orphans in the 61 Children's Day the same day, re-interpretation of the song of peace, harmony, environmental protection, in an important position in the song, which takes Jackie Chan's Foundation has been advocating The Love of the heart to the limit.

Song "Blue Sky" is Jackie Chan as the "spiritual assistance" with the power to send widely Sun Nan sang the upcoming debut of a co-representative of work, which can be called Jackie a series of love public good upgrade. Jackie Chan's disciple new Seven Little Fortunes spread the spirit of assistance to the heavy day in the 61 most in need of care for Tibetan orphans, the new Seven Little Fortunes with the sun, fortitude, perseverance and forbearance of steel to China were infected with the spirit of the psychological need care of children who. And the big city kids do not like the recent disasters, frequent remote disaster area, the children can come into contact with the outside world is limited, but their hearts were full of pure vision, in the 61, several of the new Seven Little Fortunes This brother will be brought to their memory forever.

At the event site, in addition to the new Seven Little Fortunes brought gifts for the children, the Asian Games Organizing Committee presented to the children leading the Asian Games mascot, the lovely lamb so that children could not help but grin. School students from China and the United States, but also for the Tibetan friend brought the cake, prepare a bag, stationery, school uniforms are collector's edition, and co blew out the candles, cut the cake together through this unforgettable 61 Children's Day.







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