Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and Lin Peng build Dragon's Heart School

Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Beijing set up a special fund, "Lin Peng Gold". The first item - "Dragon Heart" library-building activities launched today. Ambassador Lin Peng, as the task with Jackie, personally went to visit Gansu Wen County premises, during the time when Lin Peng's grandfather died. Funeral arrangements were being made during the period, but Lin Peng felt she was duty-bound to devote themselves to charity.

Peng Lin since her debut, has been adhering to older brother Jackie Chan's charitable philosophy and has been very positively engaged in philanthropy. The "Dragon's Heart" library preparation activities with the cooperation of Chinese security will build a complete and authoritative study environment for students to build a good environment for future development.

First stop to visit with teams to Lin Peng Wen County in Gansu Province, Jiuzhaigou airport from the plane, which lasted more than 4 hours of twists and turns, Wen County reached around, "Dragon Heart" addresses the construction of the school. To the scene, Lin Peng was shocked to site conditions. The school building also no shape to site has just built the foundation, the school's playground was also the construction of temporary quarters occupied. Lin Peng and principals share that, this school site since the earthquake of 2008, has not been Haohao Di building, the students are still next-door neighbor of the plant were used as temporary classrooms, the classroom is open, the face of rain, students in the classroom can only Chengzhuoyusan classes, and winter, they can only give you a few pieces of clothes and stoves for heating. As the conditions of the reasons, students have a long time have not been to physical education, and a distant journey, also makes many students need to rush home, 10 km from the temporary classrooms to learn. Here are some bits and pieces, all recorded in the Lin Peng heart.

President said, the schools, in accordance with the planning and implementation, the future construction of six classrooms, four classrooms and offices, in addition to now being in school more than 70 students, the future will hold more than 600 students from the village school. At present only 6 teachers resources exist and will expand. Since 2008 the earthquake, Gansu Province is the text of the most affected counties, many in addition to a variety of other school facilities need to be rebuilt. For this school, also after a period of several principals of communication, it obtained the results of this time and time again, we can see difficulties in the way school construction

The school building is based on the nine seismic infrastructure, and entirely to the students in order to ensure a practical, safe learning environment. Of course, as geographical reasons, many building materials require far more than 20 kilometers from the county to transport outside.

Lin Peng's visit also attracted the attention of many local residents, they hope the future for their children to have a good learning environment. Lin Peng at the scene a lot of things themselves, they communicate with the President personally, view the classroom and interact with the scene kids, give them candy to eat, the children's optimism and enthusiasm of the villagers were also impressed by Lin Peng, it is to do their best efforts for their contribution to the future to make up their.

Through this visit, Lin Peng know that this is a special fund their activities in the beginning, but will still have a long way to go, she will always carried the big brother of the faith, an effort to do their best , the charity has been carried out in the end.

新浪娱乐讯 本月23日,成龙北京慈善基金会向下设立的专项基金的“林鹏基金”的第一个项目——“龙子心”图书室建设活动今日启动。担任大使的林鹏带着成龙大哥 的任务,亲自带队远赴甘肃省文县考察校址,期间正值林鹏的爷爷去世,奔丧期间,但是林鹏为了慈善事业,义无反顾的投身到考察队伍当中。







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