Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Seven Little Fortunes Join Cast of Yue Fei

Recently appointed by Jackie Chan Producer, Stanley Tong, director of the TV drama, "Yue Fei" held a press conference in Shanghai. The New Seven Little Fortunes will play an important role in the TV series and have entered the training phase of the film.

Seven Little Fortunes, as the new Jackie Chan's disciple, have been involved with Jackie Chan, and participated in the filming of "Little Big Soldier". It can be said in two years, has been changed from the Master's words and deeds of many, from the little things, details decide success or failure is the master Jackie Chan to them about the most simple truth.

The TV series "Yue Fei" the shooting, the five big boy is the first play of the first film starred as Jackie Chan's partner and friend Stanley Tong in the treatment when the new Seven Little Fortunes quite severe, not only personally demonstration the loyalty to boxing, but also, and the sea captain Andrew was more than a set of trick play action drills.

New Seven Little Fortunes of the Tang-hsiang sea captain's skill guide envy, Tang Hoi-cheung said the guide had been a long time do not do action guidance, but also in upholding his daily practice, physical condition and explosive power to maintain the very, very good This is our example of these martial arts person, and that under the guidance of the Tang guide allows us to enter as soon as possible to the requirements of the master and crew.

Tang said all those involved in TV Guide, "Yue Fei" the main actors have to be taken to accept up to 6 months of basic training, including the role of visual imagery, physical training, horse riding and so on. Because this is Jackie's first investment in the Mainland television series, so be sure to put all the links in meticulous, well.








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