Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Li Yuan Yuan recalls Singing 'Guo Jia' with Jackie

[Host] in the past year, various major activities we can see your shadow, particularly impressed us is the National Day last year, you and Jackie Chan together in the Great Hall of the roof singing the song on "national" feeling. Last year you came to Xinhua, we are talking about the song "State", was shot cut to the Great Hall of the roof is amazing, you feel?

[Liu Yuanyuan] was still a little afraid of heights, but Jackie says you do not tense, I have a skill, you need not fear, but more is still to our happiness and excitement. Because it can stand on stage singing, as on the two of us is really never imagined would ever come, in fact, the 60th anniversary of National Day of the largest fireworks show, we are proud that we can stand position as a stage and sing this song, mainly because of the "State" this song to all of us a force and conviction, there is a strong in our country, as obtained in various aspects of very large Progress is also concern around the world.

[Moderator] I believe that the "country" song, you and Jackie performing more than once, and in a variety of occasions are sung, then the "11" That night at the Great Hall of the House top of the feeling of singing this song What is the difference?

[Liu Yuanyuan] the feeling that all the performances are really not the same with a few days ago, really not afraid of you joke, I sleep well almost every day.

[Moderator] so familiar with that song, but last time I let you come to our studio to sing, you came casually, but there is no difficulty singing skills, why nervous?

[Liu Yuanyuan] In fact, what nervous is the fear of their not done perfectly, not in place. In fact, we performed the evening, we went to more than 12 noon, and we lounge in the roof below - Sichuan hall for the two of us constantly back training with the lyrics and, in fact, Jackie has hardened, the stage The expression is no problem, especially when facing the crowd, without any problems of. Nevertheless, the two of us Why nervous? Feel that this occasion is too big and too important, and also singing in such a position now flashing really like a lot, think too much, it will feel a bit nervous.

Later we both got to the end that fixating, no problem, no longer practiced, rest will. But who could not sleep, 12 more to the, at 9 pm more than just play, is the last one finale song. Big Brother while I said you asleep? He said while you asleep? Not, then sing it and then practice. How at that time wanted to practice that song, anything else for us to have access to less than our thoughts and minds of the. So that was really too memorable performance was.

I am particularly impressed that the two of us waiting field when approaching us, we both stand by our performance on that site, on the roof of the. Not to us, about the previous song, and older brother to keep his hands to have a camera, is someone else's camera, Take up and he kept shooting, he himself can not be excited to restrain their emotions, and I can see out, he really is some nervous.

I say brother, approaching us, we hurried to prepare. He is like, good, he can not stop his hand movement. We both turned to see the whole of Tiananmen Square, is really a boiling sea. I also was excited that I could not come, all tears, and the hope that this time the performance of the two of us, he with larger, it should be said to be among his artistic career, certainly the best time to do too grand of that occasion. So far thought of it, said this, I is excited.












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