Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catching up on a Slow News Day

It has been rather slow news for a few days but there have been some small bits of news.

Shanghai International Film Art Exhibition

Jackie Chan , Stanley Tong, Richard Taylor
(Richard Taylor has won five Academy Awards for visual effects)

First up is the Shanghai International Film Art Exhibition which will display original props and manuscripts from movies from Hollywood, Hong Kong and Japan. Brainchild of Jackie and Stanley Tong the exhibition was created as an opportunity to further promote Western film culture and the dissemination and exchange of film technology. Some of the films featured are Avatar, Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and King Kong. The famous Japanese director Akira Kurosawa will also be represented at the exhibition.

In addition the organizers also intend to hold a charity auction of movie prototype works. The auction proceeds will be donated to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation (Yushu Disaster). As one of the participants of this event, Jackie said in an interview yesterday that one of the reasons he participated in the event "charity through art". Jackie guaranteed that every penny will be spent where it is needed.


UW Film office set up training courses to train the next action stars

Stanley Tong and Eric Tsang

June 18, a company called Great Pictures of the new China Film Group Corporation was born in Shanghai. Conference on-site film director Stanley Tong, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild president Eric Tsang, manipulator of Mr. Su Zhihong, senior entertainment media to join hands in Chengdu, Wanda Group, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Theater Academy and other agencies announced the establishment of China Great Pictures.

UW Pictures by China International Media Group Limited owned enterprises and the domestic industry's elite co-operation established by the set of film production, stars brokerage, investment in one of the movie theater industry group. Briefing, in addition to introducing brokers are per star culture, cinema Great China Film Company, and Mr. Tang Jili dominated areas of film production companies in the business, but also declared that the positive element culture (mega star) to set up action star courses Project - "Wah Star."

UW Film interested in creating a new generation of Chinese film industry, expertise in training system, transport for the Chinese film and television industry from directors, actors to the producers, brokers, post-production all-round professionals. And this training program is the first project, "Wah Star - the first action star training." It is reported that the project has been invited to the former Hong Kong International Limited Television Broadcasts (TVB) artist training principals Mr. Shi Chengchu as project lead. Through professional investment funds, at least annually Toupai a movie, a television series and a stage play, produced by the participants to the training course of professional practice the most direct opportunity to participate meaningfully in the film and television production industry.

In the interview, director Stanley Tong said: "The traditional Chinese martial arts Chinese martial spirit of fans around the world are very attractive. Ziyi Zhang with" Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon "star, Stephen Chow, the director from his own" Shaolin Soccer "," Kung Fu "after recognition. But now action star status in China is the emergence of dating." Therefore, he hopes to cultivate through the couple made the film for the motherland to contribute to a better go.

6月18日, 一家名为华大影业的全新的影业集团公司在上海诞生。发布会现场著名导演唐季礼、香港演艺人协会会长曾志伟、资深娱乐操盘手苏志鸿先生携手成都传媒、万达集团、上海文广集团、上海戏剧学院等机构共同宣告华大影业成立。

华大影业公司是由中国国际传媒集团有限公司所属企业与国内的业界精英们共同合作成立的,集电影制作、明星经纪、影院投资于一体的电影产业集团公司。发布会上,除了介绍明星经纪公司正元文化、院线公司华大影业、以及唐季礼先生主导的电影制作公司的业务范畴外, 还宣布了正元文化(mega star)将开设动作明星培训班项目——“华大之星”。





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