Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jackie, Ajia, Music Videos

Interesting little article about the making of the videos for Love Flying and Calling - the two songs with a strong environmental message Jackie collaberated with Ajia to record.

Jackie Chan Contributes to Music for Charity, Appointed "Sixth Generation Director" Zhang Yang Takes the Helm Behind the MV

Recently, the MVs for the charity songs 'Love Flying' and 'Calling', a collaboration between Jackie Chan and Ajia, which are currently playing nation-wide have been causing another wave of charity in the country. These two MVs were filmed by the famous director Zhang Yang who has once received the title of 'Top Ten Most Outstanding Film Portrayal'. He has frequently promoted his works as a showcase for European culture, many of which have received good reviews.

'Calling' and 'Love Flying' have reflected the issue of environmental conservation through the songs themselves and the MVs. Ever since their release, they have received the support and praise from people passionate about charity and the environment. International megastar Jackie Chan, who has always been passionate about charity and has a love for donating, used the production of these two songs to call for everybody's participation in charity through music. He specially invited the famous "sixth generation director" Zhang Yang to film the MVs for both songs. Response has been good since the release of the MVs as Zhang Yang used his own unique filming style, perfectly displaying the different concepts of the songs.

In recent weeks, Jackie Chan has used many charity and environmental events to support his charity and environment career and to call for society to promote the spirit of "giving, loving, helping, improving". The two MVs in which he personally performed in have rapidly become hits on major websites. Zhang Yang praised Jackie Chan and said that he admires his relentless spirit on calling for public awareness on charity and wishes to do his part by spreading this spirit to the entire society. Zhang Yang also stated that love and charity are our responsibility as part of giving back to society which was the most important message and attitude he wanted to convey through the production. He further stated that he will continue to participate in the filming of other charity productions with the hope that he would be able to spread the spirit of love and harmony to the public through his lense as an effort to contribute to charity.

成龙为公益献身音乐作品 钦点“旅法导演”张洋为MV掌镜

近日,大哥成龙和阿佳组合合作的公益歌曲《爱飞翔》和《呼唤》的mv正在全国热播, 掀起了全国又一次公益热潮。这两支MV均由曾获“人像摄影十杰”称号的著名导演张洋执镜拍摄,他多次携自己的作品应邀参展欧洲文化活动,作品好评如潮。





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