Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jackie invests in 3D Traditional Opera Movie

June 8, 2010 Jackie Chan in Hong Kong from mainland China will invest eight classic shoot the model operas, "Modern Peking Opera", directed by Hsu Hsiao-ming, invested about 30 million U.S. dollars, or more than 200 million Hong Kong dollars or more, and be prepared to 3D production. The Director Hsu Hsiao-ming said the details of the film that Jackie Chan for the film at the original schedule to advance to the Hollywood movies shot in this film, would rather delay the shooting of Hollywood film to show him this piece of great importance.

Casting pro-Taiwan

Hsu Hsiao-ming said that in this month's Shanghai Film Festival, in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan co-operation forum for the trend described in "Modern Peking Opera", as China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, in the movie, they will work with 8 a studio collaboration, Jackie Chan will go to Taiwan, casting, will play "Modern Peking Opera" film actor, "Yang Zirong."

In addition, Hsu Hsiao-ming said earlier previous years, the Northeast to see King, later to Canada and South Korea, to find the Snowy Mountains with the shooting advantageous terrain. As the "Modern Peking Opera" film involves a lot of action scenes, such as avalanches, snow, etc. World War, and now a lot of production are taken to add 3D effects, Hsu Hsiao-ming said they would be prepared, even in a Jackie Chan: "We are moving the goal 3D." Tsui Siu Ming said that if 3D production, the cost will be more expensive, but because the vast scene of the play, there are a lot of special effects, it is definitely worth the investment.

2010年6月8日 香港 成龙将投资开拍属内地八大经典样板戏的《智取威虎山》,并由徐小明执导,投资约三千万美元,即超过港币二亿以上,并准备以3D制作。而导演徐小明透露此片的详情,表示成龙为了此片不惜把原本给好莱坞电影的档期提早给此片开拍,宁愿延迟好莱坞片的拍摄期,显示他对此片之重视。







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