Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jackie Tops $1 Billion at Box Office Mojo

Jackie's lifetime earnings for the US box office topped $1 Billion on Friday. The latest figure from Box Office Mojo is $1,000,731,739.

He made Brett Ratner a 'Billion Dollar Director' with the bulk (around $600 million) coming from the Rush Hour Franchise so is there something special when you are a 'Billion Dollar Actor'?

Of course these are just US Box Office results; Jackie's real life-time earnings from all his movies worldwide exceed $2 Billion.

I must say that what has shocked me, reading his statistics on Box Office Mojo, is how few of his movies have actually been released in the USA. I am sure that if they had to add in all the straight-to-DVD earnings it will be much more. What a shame that is.


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1 billion? That's great!

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