Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Finding Jackie" gets Golden Rooster Nominations

September 8 pm on 15 o'clock, the 18th Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival, the organizing committee held press conferences, on-site unveiled at the 27th China Film Golden Rooster Awards jury nominations. Feng Xiaogang's "Assembly" received Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Actor, etc. 9 nominations lead, Chen Kaige's "Mei Lanfang" received eight nominations in second place. Current Golden Rooster Awards ceremony will be held October 17 was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

Complete the 27th Golden Rooster Award nominations are as follows:

(Based on titles and last name alphabetical order)

Nominations including Best Feature Film Jury:
"Spring," (Beijing Bao Li Hua 100 million Media Culture Co., Ltd.)

"College Entrance Examination, 1977" (Shanghai Film (Group) Corporation Shanghai Film Studio, China Education Television, Beijing Xing Yue IDG World Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd.)

"Mei Lanfang" (China Film Group Corporation Beijing Film Studio, the Central international entertainment industry Co., Ltd., Emperor Motion Pictures (International) Co., Ltd.)

"The Assembly" (Huayi Brothers Media Co., Ltd.)

Best Documentary Jury nominations:

A "decisive battle Taiyuan" (Central News documentary film studios, the CPC Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Shanxi Province Development and Reform Commission, Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department, Taiyuan, Shanxi Film Studio)

"Dream 2008" (Central News documentary film studio)

Best science film Jury nominations:

"Moon Quest" (Beijing Science Education Film Studio, Guangxi Television)

Best Art films Jury nominations:

"Ma Orchid" (Shanghai Film (Group) Company, Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Xiamen superior Technology Co., Ltd.)

"Naughty little pack horse jump" (China Film Group Corporation Beijing Film Studio, China Film Animation Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Sino-Austrian film animation Di Co., Ltd.)

"Elk king" (Beijing Television Interactive Technology Development Co., Ltd, Baoding Branch Weiwo in Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei, god Asia Television Art Center, Hangzhou Long Ji Television Media Co., Ltd., Hebei, film studios, Changzhou Branch Weiwo in Digital Animation Co., Ltd.)

The best opera film Jury nominations:

"Public grandson all" (Zhejiang Kun Opera Group, Hangzhou King first arts and culture Planning Co., Ltd.)

"Cheng Ying save the orphans" (film and TV production group, Henan, Henan Film Studio, Beijing Bride Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

"Lian Li Yu Cheng Long" (Shanghai Film Group Corporation, Shanghai Film Studio, Shanghai Peking Opera Theater) 

Best Digital Film Jury nominations:

"18 fingerprints" (State Administration of Radio Film and Television movie satellite channels, program production center)

"Walking Quartet" (the State Administration of Radio Film and Television movie satellite channels, program production center)

"Happiness costs" (Beijing, as the days of Kerry Arts Television Culture Co., Ltd.)

"Xilin Gol Wenchuan" (Inner Mongolia Film Studio)

Best Children Film Jury nominations:

"Mohammad's 2008" (Tianshan Film Studio)

"In Search of Jackie Chan" (China Film Group, China Children's Film Studio, Movie Channel programming center, 81 film studios, the stars America Cinema Line Co., Ltd., Beijing, Chi-hung orange days Production Co., Ltd., Nantong TV, Japan a house (Jackie Chan, China) Production Co., Ltd., Beijing Huacheng Advertising Co., Ltd.)

"Boys Jared New Biography" (as the Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai TV Media Company)

"Walking to school" (new classic advertising studio Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Yunnan, as the glory of Film Production Run Limited)

Best Screenplay Jury nominations:

Liu Heng ( "build-number")

Jiang ocean, valley white, were the first blessing ( "College Entrance Examination 1977")

Li Qiang ( "Beginning of Spring")

Shu-Ping ( "wait and see")

Si-wu ( "Yimeng six sisters")

Xiao-Ling Cheng ( "Shimizu Story")

Jury Best Director nominations:

Ning Hao ( "crazy car")

Feng Xiaogang ( "build-number")

Chen Kaige ( "Mei Lanfang")

Gordon Chan ( "Painted Skin")

Cao Bao-Ping ( "Lee-meter Conjecture")

Directorial debut, Jury Award nominations:

Xierzhati Occlusal-fu ( "Mohammad's 2008")

Li Dawei ( "wait and see")

Yellow River ( "I spent a fat clay")

Peng Huang, Peng Chen ( "walking to school")

Jury Best Actor nominations:

Ma-wei ( "close call" and decorated the old fish)

Sun Min ( "I spent the next fat clay" in decorated Deng Ping Shou)

Wu Gang ( "Iron Man" in the decorative Wang Jinxi)

Chang Han-I ( "build-number" in the decorative millet place)

Fan Wei ( "big ears blessed," the decorated Wang resist the United States)

Jury Best Actress nominations:

Zhou Xun ( "Li-meter Conjecture" in decorated Lee m)

Zhao Wei ( "Painted Skin" in the decoration Pei-jung)

Yao Xing Tong ( "bloom" in the ornament-Ming)

Zhang Ziyi ( "Mei Lanfang" in decorated Meng Xiaodong)

Jiang Wenli ( "Spring," the decorated Cai-Ling Wang)

Best Supporting Actor nomination Jury:

Wang Xue Qi ( "Mei Lanfang," the decorated 13-yan)

Deng Chao ( "build-number" in the bucket decorated Zhao 2)

Honglei ( "Mei Lanfang" in decorated Qiu, such as white)

Yang Xin-ming ( "A-Mei's promise" in the hall facing the boss)

Huang Bo ( "Iron Man" in a decorated Zhao Lin)

JIAO Gang ( "Spring," the decorated Hu Jinquan)

Best Supporting Actress nomination Jury:

Betty Sun ( "Painted Skin" in decorated Xia Bing)

Yue Hong ( "wait and see" in Da-Lian decorated captain)

Jiang Hongbo ( "In Search of Jackie Chan" and decorated female officers)

Cao Cuifen ( "Yimeng six sisters," and decorated her mother)

Dong Xuan ( "Spring," the decorated Xiao Zhang teacher)

Best Cinematography Nomination Jury:

Lu Yue ( "build-number")

Lu Yue, Zhang Li ( "Red Cliff")

Zhao Fei ( "Iron Man")

Zhao time ( "wheat")

Mr Arthur ( "Painted Skin")

Pan Yaoming ( "Silver Empire")

Best Recording Jury nominations:

King Tanjong ( "Mei Lanfang")

King Tanjong ( "build-number")

Wang Rui ( "wheat")

Wang Yue-wen, Li lei, An Shao Feng ( "August 1")

Gu Changning ( "Li-meter conjecture")

Best Art Jury nominations:

Lu Yue-lin, Yu Mak more ( "Iron Man")

Wu Zhaohua, Qiu Hongjun ( "Ice Company")

Zhang and ( "build-number")

Liu Qing ( "Mei Lanfang")

Lei Chuxiong, Liu Jing-ping ( "Painted Skin")

Huo Ting Xiao ( "wheat")

Best Music Jury nominations:

Wang Li Guang ( "build-number")

Liu Xing ( "wheat")

Zhao Jiping ( "Mei Lanfang")

Dou Wei, Bishop Flute ( "Li-meter conjecture")


Congratulations on the nominations!


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