Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jackie's Big Heart

Jackie shows his big heart once again by sponsoring 300 elderly people affected by the floods in Taiwan to enjoy a charity concert this weekend.

Despite repeated by commenting on Taiwan's political and economic court disaster, but as the son of Jackie Chan in Taiwan, or care about this land, following the donation of 10 million flood relief, as, after millions pocket again, please enjoy the victims north of the oldies concert this weekend .

Jackie Chan has previously donated 10 million to the Mountain Fund, as the 88 flood disaster relief, and now pledges this weekend at the Taipei International Convention Center of the "classic oldies Charity Concert" 300 tickets to invite the affected households in southern elderly people, elderly people living alone, assist in the reconstruction of the volunteers are so appreciated concerts. Just an average of 2,000 yuan fare, plus round-trip cost of high-speed rail and feeder tour, as well as meals, insurance, and probably again to spend 1 million yuan.

Care for the elderly, Jackie Chan has his reasons, because the parent, the mother was still alive, he was busy filming, do not spend more time with the elderly, Jackie Chan has always been the hearts of regret. So this time, be willing to host a party: "It had to do our best for the elderly is that we should all do, I want to do everything I can, so that oldies to soothe their emotions, relax mood."


Similar article:

Golden Eagle Entertainment News September 21, 2009 in Taipei, the international superstar Jackie Chan donated money to a low-key, following last month's flood disaster relief costs, as 88, after a few days ago also subscribe upcoming September 26 at the Taipei International Convention Center at the " Global Life charity concert classic songs "Over the last 300 tickets, inviting the affected households in southern elderly, elderly people living alone, assist in the reconstruction of the volunteers are so appreciated concerts. Jackie Chan is also attentive to prepare for the victims and package high-speed rail link under the tour bus shuttle to and from the way the elderly, as well as to prepare lunch and dinner as well as the purchase of insurance, and so each person. Jackie Chan has spared no effort in doing public service, said: "It had to do our best for the elderly is that we should all do. If we really want, you can always have the opportunity to care for the elderly gentlemen. But this kind of oldies concert, I'll want to do my best to make old songs to soothe their emotions, relax mood. "

Jackie Chan, Taiwan's 88 flood-stricken areas caring friends, in addition to rapid and low-key way to import Mountain Foundation's disaster relief funds, the Jackie Chan and sustained attention to the 88 flood affected friends, especially on the young and who have no of the elderly gentlemen. Entertain the elderly and the disaster volunteers to listen to oldies, Jackie Chan is also particularly encouraged us: "I hope you temporarily forget the worries, particularly the elderly, hoping that by oldies concert, soothe the pain caused by disasters, in the beautiful melody miss , let the good times past, soothing warmth of the old mind! relaxed frame of mind and we appreciate the old songs with the concert, and hope to help and encourage the victims out of grief, look towards the sun, a positive thought to face the future, pick up the confidence in the re-start! Of course, we also like to thank, consolation disaster volunteers for their hard work, hopefully by oldies concert, volunteers were also able to relax a moment, more spirit for the reconstruction of the road, to inject more power. "

That elderly people can not help but think of Jackie Chan's late parents, Chan said: "This is a few years my parents passed away one after another, they died, all because of an impediment at work when I could not keep them around, Chung Hau can not co-existence, this is my regret, often sigh for these regrettable. "Jackie Chan's action to care for the elderly, many years ago, had to" look after "the spirit of action.

Jackie Chan will be fixed down in the winter clothing to donate to the lonely elderly people in Hong Kong, mainland China, and even as far away as the United States are elderly care owed by good deeds. Taiwan 88 flood stricken friend, Jackie Chan is also particularly concerned about elderly people who have lost loved ones due to natural disasters, he will be the actual funding, continued to assist the affected elderly people. Jackie Chan In addition to using action to care for disaster, but also a more active interest in the progress of reconstruction and blueprints, Jackie Chan say so often as time goes by, the media focus on the degree of the victims may be dispersed, so how concerned about the victims of the follow-up life and the psychological level is very important, victims still face a strong future life, we can continue to concern, it is the sole driving force victims to move forward! Long-term disaster relief work, can help them return to a normal life, so that victims know that everyone will continue to care and help them, I will try even harder to do, moment to remind ourselves!


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