Thursday, September 10, 2009

Golden Dragon Award Animation Award

Jackie's animated series "Jackie Chan Fantasia" has been nominated for an animation award.

SOHU.COM (sorry this translation is bad)

But here is what Jackie said about the cartoon:

Jackie Chan said that "Jackie Chan Fantasia" is his first participation of Chinese-made animated television series, sought to create their own style of Jackie Chan in the Chinese animation, and hope that animated version of Jackie Chan's image, communicate directly with the children, enable them to understand Chinese history and culture.

Different report CHINANEWS.CN:
BEIJING, Guangzhou, September 10 (Xinhua Guo Lai Chunhui) Second Annual China International Cartoon Festival will be held September 29 to October 5 was held in Guangzhou. As one of the comics section of the main activities of the 6th Golden Dragon Award for Original Cartoon Animation Art Competition recently announced the end of the final assessment and award nominations, dozens of works stand out.

The organizing committee, the current Golden Dragon Award Zhenggao another record high, were collected from home and abroad to more than 5000 copies of manuscripts. In the most talked about awards, received "Young Comics" nominated by Bai Xiao creation "4.9x4.9 Fan Wai - Ye Nan's Story" from Taiwan's Chen Cheng-Hsuan creation of "Wild Jones - moon adventures Tan" and representatives from the Malaysian Chinese Lu Wen Kang created "KIJIYA" and so on to be the judges alike. Of the "girl comics" nomination of Taiwan "comic singer," Lin Qing Hui's "incomplete talented woman" and the second time nominated hand painted celery "TELL", and Yang Xiao Yu's "overnight, one summer" and then each has its advantages.

Cartoon categories in this competition, the addition of "humor comics" awards nominees feather "cramps Detective", settled in Guangzhou, Hong Kong cartoonist Tong Yi Ming's "Mood for Lovers - Wish", are all that may be superior to the . Since its inception on the much criticized "adult comics", this work has been a qualitative leap in the standard, gold art Sheng's "silent words self-cultivation," Zhang Yu's "Frog Song" and the soup night with "The Red Kid" won the nomination. Picture books with illustrations category is strong competitors such as Lin, Li Huan, BUDDY, pumpkin seed, and other famous paintings hands into the final.

In addition, the animation category entries in this competition, upgrading of the quality surprisingly, a large number of professional animation creative agencies, animation and other institutions play a more active so that animation awards race was white-hot state - both nominated works such as " country's children "," water head "," double down "This kind of academic masterpiece, but also as" Zodiac Story, "" Baby of the dragon god dinosaur Warriors "," Thunderbolt best wins "Such a fine. The 3G era of the background, the new media, animation creation to flourish, Golden Dragon Award in the award nominations have emerged, such as "cannon artillery of passion Sixty", "Nono Bears Nostalgia animation Yakitori", "little mushroom" short, lean and other outstanding works. In the "animated film" awards competition, has been seen in three male hegemony of the powerful - hundred million box office of "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" new chapter "The Brave Yang Wei", Hong Kong warmth animated masterpiece, "Mak soliciting the ringing "and by the comic artist Tony Wong adapted from the animated masterpiece" magic teenager big movie, "with access to the nomination.

Organizing Committee said September 29 of the Golden Dragon Award presentation ceremony, there will be many local and overseas animation star figure - apart from the general young people are fond of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf will be performed, a new animation theater, the result of singing, "Detective Conan", "Beautiful World," "Full Metal Panic" and so were the fans in Asia, known as the "Goddess" in the famous animation singer sing Shimokawa Mina will be on-site. In addition, the public are familiar with the animation image of Jackie Chan Da Ge will be the first time "appearance."


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