Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More than 100 stars to attend Charity Auction

Netease Entertainment September 22 hearing by the end of September, from "Bazaar" to create the seventh "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" will debut in the capital dressed up, there will be 100 top celebrities, entrepreneurs, celebrities grand debut, and Field opened in 2009 10 Chinese star mystery Charity, refined luxury of the grand dinner of the party scenes and colorful programs expect to make Peoples.

At present the seventh "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" Preparations are in full swing in the ongoing, it is understood that this has confirmed that the star of the dinner more powerful than the previous, not only encompasses a number of front-line Chinese-language stars, but also from a good Hollywood Will the biggest names in first-line star. Smith first appeared Xiequan Jia Night Charity Dinner. Female stars are Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Yang Lan, Lu Yu, Carina Lau, Ruby Lin, Liu Yifei, nurseries, Huang, Shen Xing, Ke Lan, Chen attended a few; male stars there are in the international reputation of the kung fu star Jackie Chan to bring a new Seven Little Fortunes disciples, just won crown winner Huabiao Jiang Chang Han-I President, and Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, Lu Yi, Tong Dawei, Hu Jun, David Wu, etc. visit. In addition, by the well-known entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities team composed of quite large, including Guo Guangchang, Shen Peng, Zhu Li, Yang Rongrong, Deng Xiaolan, Zhao Xin Qi, Jiang Shihao, Shen Jun, Hugo Shong, Wang Jun, Zeng Fanzhi, Zhou bud so. According to the relevant staff members said, and more celebrity and celebrities are still tight contact and coordination among them. By then, the 100 stars and celebrities will be jointly embark on "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" That's the red carpet leading to the charity, to everyone's Sincere love and charity vigorous development of China's powerful force in our great motherland, the arrival of six decades of Daqing the occasion of sincere tribute, and sincere wishes for the future prosperity of the motherland!

" 'BAZAAR Star Charity Night' has been successfully held for the sixth consecutive total raised more than 28 million, this achievement and have been put into action" BAZAAR Star Charity Night "stars and celebrities who love their dedication is divided into non - open; their support and love, we will also become an important driving force charities in the end. "" Bazaar, "editor in chief Su Mang said," This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the founding, six decades, including charities, including the social undertakings have achieved rapid development. charitable affairs as an important task, has been referred to the party and the country's agenda, the development of a national social security system, a powerful complement. To this end, we rejoice at the same time , have felt the heavy responsibilities and mission of a glorious and arduous. think of hundreds of thousands of compatriots in need of help, we are told myself must adhere to in the end, because both the party and government, the stars and celebrities, as well as those who have been concerned about the charities and support Bazaar the cause of ordinary people, are our strong backing. "

It is understood that this "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" All donations will be used to aid groups of children ill in China, I believe in the "Bazaar" and strong advocacy, stars, celebrities are jointly caring dedication, and a number of top luxury brands and personal under the auspices of the Qing Qing, the current "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" charity will be able to scale new heights, so that more of the serious illness of children have the opportunity to lease of life, to have a healthy body, back belongs to them should have a happy childhood. (This article Source: Netease Entertainment)



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