Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Children's Film Festival (English)

In Qingdao, the tenth China International Children's Film Festival is drawing to a close. And as part of the festival, there was a forum to bring filmmakers and critics together. They used the opportunity to discuss the ongoing slump in the production of domestic children's movies.

In China, memorable children's movies are few and far between. Among them are the Wanderings of San Mao from the 1940s, the Little Soldier Zhang Ga from the 1960s, and the Magic Lotus Lamp from the 1990s. The vast majority of other productions are now more or less forgotten by the general public. Although quite a few Chinese-made children's movies have won major international honors, they have failed to impress the young moviegoers across China.

At the forum held during the festival, participants point to a lack of innovation and creativity on the part of filmmakers for children's productions. Most screenwriters fail to recognize the needs of children. Seeking to educate and enlighten the young audience, they disappointingly ignore the entertainment value.

As a result, Hollywood productions have been fast gaining ground among China's young cinema-goers. Titles like the Harry Potter series, Finding Nemo, Lion King, and Transformers are drawing huge followings among China's younger generation.

There are, however, recent examples of improvement in China-made movies for children. The production "Merry Sheep and Bid Bad Wolves", riding on the success of its popular TV series, has had tremendous success. Another movie, "Finding Jackie Chan", also sold well at the box-office. Industry insiders express their hope that such a trend will continue.

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