Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jackie elected to China Overseas Exchange Association

China news agency, Beijing, September 30 (Reporter Zhang Dongdong) - Renowned Chinese actor Jackie Chan on the 30th in an interview with reporters, was asked what his were aspirations for Beijing to participate in the National Day ceremony, he thought slightly, said: "I hope the days of our country's future good weather, tranquil and peaceful, and now has been in the prayer for 'tomorrow, the sun'. "

China Overseas Exchange Association held the fourth General Assembly held in Beijing on September 30th. The first time, overseas director of the General Assembly appointed an additional 144 people, executive director of two hundred and consultants 20 people, Jackie Chan was hired as executive director from overseas.

In an interview, he said, "I thank the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, China Overseas Exchange Association, and thank Haifeng eldest sister for giving me this honor. If you can on behalf of overseas Chinese, I feel is a very high position, I will try to do my best" .

Jackie Chan also said that this is a good job for me, because I am filming often around the world and see the different overseas Chinese, and get to understand their feelings and aspirations. I am honored to be able to serve the China Overseas Exchange Association as overseas executive director. For me, this is a very new position, I will slowly learn along with other executive director.

Jackie Chan said that tomorrow will be my fiftieth anniversary of new China in 1999 following the National Day, after the second National Day ceremony, but also shows one of the guests, very happy, very excited. Afraid of their own mistakes, fear of that time played a good move.

He said all of the friends from all over the world, and today's overseas Chinese are proud of China, often running around the world, has never been so proud of too. Country is strong, so we went to where people around the world are more to be recognized. "This is the country's honor, but also overseas Chinese paid results."

Jackie Chan also said that many students encounter in foreign countries, tell their parents how to work hard and sent abroad for himself that he must study hard, go back and serve the country. "I have heard many, many such stories, which I was very moved."

Turning to tomorrow's National Day military parade and mass demonstrations, Chan said: "Let us look forward to it together."

China News Network

中新社北京九月三十日电(记者 张冬冬)知名华人影星成龙三十日接受记者采访,被问及赴京参加国庆观礼有何愿望时,他略加思考说:“希望国家未来的日子风调雨顺、国泰民安,现在一直在祈祷‘明天出太阳’。”











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