Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jackie and Jaycee together at wine festival

Yantai Dazhong September 11 News (news correspondent Gao Wen-yong Yu Wei-Wei) at the press were told that the third Yantai International Wine Festival planning is designed "three series" 20 a number of activities, September 23 Wine Festival will be a large art show there are well-known international film star Jackie Chan will perform with his son.

Third Yantai International Wine Festival in order to "create a joyful atmosphere, showing the city of wine style" as its theme, the current plan design Wine Festival "three series" 20 a number of activities, and strive to give attendees exhibitors and the general public of new visual impact. Opening ceremony adhere to the "grand, warm, safe and thrifty" principle and the "atmosphere of festivity, Western style" style requirements, highlight city of Yantai International Wine characteristics and the image of a civilized city. Will be held at 10:00 on September 23 at the International Exhibition Center Plaza. Yantai International Wine Festival The third large-scale art show will be held at 20 o'clock on September 23 at the Sports Park was held by the internationally renowned actor Jackie Chan will perform with his son. "International Wine City Night" Plaza Series event will take place September 24-25 in Yantai City Cultural Center Plaza. , With "colorful Yantai - Fragrance of the Portuguese wine" as the theme to "Song and Dance Carnival" as the main form, and strengthen public participation in awareness, so that the general public to experience "my holiday, I call the shots," the fun, feel the wine city "master" proud. Pavilion also arranged for the wine tasting leisure area, accompanied by well-known piano teachers in Yantai City, the beautiful piano playing, the participating guests can enjoy high-quality wines from around the world.

In addition, the participating government departments and enterprises have to use wine, Wine Festival platform, organizations conduct various forms of economic and trade talks, and promotion activities. Australian Wine and Brandy Authority will hold the "Wine Innovation and regulation Seminar", the Japanese wine imports Association "Japanese wine market analysis shows that will", the French Association for the international professional exhibition organized by the "French grape cultivation, wine brewing, and fruits and vegetables professional Exhibition Promotion ", organized by Chile's Ares Timor Winery" press conference-cum-ares Session wine tasting Royal Society "organized by the Government of Tianjin" Tianjin Dynasty Winery Promotion ", organized by China Food Quality News," 30 years of reform and opening up Elite Forum and the China Food Industry newsmaker "release ceremony, the city will also be held during the meeting" Yantai City Overseas Investment Adviser hired award ceremony Yantai Investment Environment and Key Investment Projects Promotion, "" major projects using foreign capital Yantai signing ceremony ", Penglai city government organized" Penglai wine region Promotion "," Penglai Nanwang Valley grape harvest festival ", Laishan hold" service project special promotion and Signing Ceremony ", organized by Yantai Hi-tech Zone," Investment Promotion Conference and Project the signing ceremony. " During the meeting, a variety of professional activities over more than 20 screenings.

Yantai is in Shandong.


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