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Kaspersky Jackie Chan together again, landing CCTV "golden hour"

2009-09-11 09:54:48.0 Author: black dragon Source: IT365 Editor: Gu Chun-yu 【Text Size: Dazhong Xiao】

Resumed in August 2008 in the CCTV set of "golden hour" broadcast the first television ad, September 1, 2009, endorsement by the International martial arts superstar Jackie Chan landed again, the Kaspersky new ad CCTV, the new advertising In addition to the "golden hour" broadcast, the broadcast at the same time period also includes CCTV 1, two sets of columns of thing as before and after the CCTV platform Kaspersky forge a full-contact three-dimensional network branding. It is reported that CCTV ad delivery is a new generation of Kaspersky security software, the largest post-2010 new marketing investment, this move highlights the world's leading information security vendors to upgrade the overall marketing strategy of localization.

CCTV's new ad re-living the "golden hour"

"I believe the strength of the brand" is the core of China Central Television in 2009 to promote one of the themes. According to Kaspersky stakeholders introduced, this time the reason why the release of a new ad once again select "Weather" post and "Focus" before this CCTV "golden hour", one is super fancy crowd CCTV contacts face, on the other "golden time" information visibility, and concerned about the degree is very high, coupled with Jacky Chan has a strong influence on film and television industry, this can be said to occupy the launch strategy for the implementation of the "good weather, terrain, and the "!

In order to make timely and informed customers Kaspersky 2010 New listing information, as soon as possible using the "next generation" security software to protect computer information security, while putting in the Kaspersky has taken a diversified, multi-platform approach, as the "gold time "and added that the new ads will also be CCTV set of" today's statement, "and after two sets of TV series" Securities time "thing as part simultaneously broadcast drew the majority of users will appreciate.

"Kung Fu King" endorsement "anti-virus king"

As the most influential Chinese community, performing arts star Jackie Chan has been recognized as an international movie The Forbidden Kingdom, their fear danger, daring to challenge, perseverance and 100 give the heroic image of the deeply rooted among 100 Czech Republic; and 2 as a worldwide more than 100 million users of information security provider Kaspersky Lab was founded in 1997, has been concentrated R & D and innovation, with its excellent product performance of the IT users around the world well-known, but also because a number of unique in the industry Item absolute leading patented technology has been given "anti-virus king" in the world.

Solely from the perspective of this endorsement, "Double King side by side," tantamount to showing off an "all-conquering" of the despot, I believe: in the "King of Kung Fu," threw himself interprets "the king of anti-virus" excellent performance of its products in the process, the user not only can experience the elegance of an international superstar, but also will get a lot of the world's top brands to bring security and service!

"New generation" the industry leader in security software

All along, Kaspersky Lab has always been adhering to the "everything for the user security" concept, and always abide by the technology-based development concept, in the technical aspects of continuous innovation, with many industry-leading proprietary technology, which by many world-renowned media and professional organizations The praise and respected. The endorsement by the Jackie Chan of the new Kaspersky 2010, not only strengthened the "virtual keyboard", "active defense" and other functions, also added a "safe immunization Area", "Flow behavior characteristics of (BSS) detection technology", "script Simulator" and "Page Toolbar" and many other innovative functional modules and network security tools. Kaspersky 2010 full-featured security software will become a "new generation" leader in security software products.

Kaspersky 2010 New Since July 21 shock in the domestic market and has received a large number of users a high degree of recognition of its excellent performance and well-known media Beishou authority at home. In order to allow users to be informed as soon as new information and experience the charm of powerful new products, Kaspersky in China implemented a series of generous marketing plan, Jackie Chan-page advertisements This time landing endorsement CCTV "golden time" is Continued August 25 with the global software giant Microsoft's MSN after the strategic alliance is another masterpiece of heavy promotion, and continuous implementation of marketing initiatives, but also reinforce the Kaspersky users on the Chinese market and China attach great importance to words, Domestic high-end user experience of international information security software, the advent of the era is now in full. At this point, to borrow Mr. Jackie Chan, the theme of advertising share with you the phrase: "to protect computer security, you use Kaspersky,"!



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