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October 1st Rehearsals

Jackie arrives at the rehearsal center

On the afternoon of the 26th of September at the 60th anniversary of National Day Celebration Evening Star Lake Park training base, one of the highlights of the thousands of people show choir's final dress rehearsal. Song Zuying, Jackie Chan, Geng Feng, Tan Jing and other star of the show were all present to participate in drills.

1000 choir on stage

By the Beijing public, pupils and students together make up the choir of 1,000 people put on the performance clothing. Great people wore red Chinese outfit, the children were dressed in bright yellow clothes. It is understood that the choir of the Hsin-Yi Ho youngest child was 6 years old, while the oldest over 80-year-old actor. Throughout the evening, they will be singing or performing on stage with the star accompaniment. One performance down, they have to sing a total of more than 20 songs.

2 command Tanlihua and Akiko Ki are responsible for the second half, to make 1000 look at the command of gesture actor, commanding the stage deliberately installed a camera at the same time, facing the performers put a four sub-NTU's LCD TVs.

Li Gu Yi, Song Zuying, Jackie Chan singing

In addition, this celebration can be said to show Celebrities gather. By design, the party has just begun, by Lang Lang on piano accompaniment (on the 26th was not present), Liao Changyong, and Tan Jing chorus "Today is your birthday my country," Subsequently, Li Gu Yi, Song Zuying, Jackie Chan and so on will be on stage perform. Among them were like "revival" of the class song composed specially for this evening.

"I'm not a singer, performing in the oldest, the oldest 70 years old. Hope that the next decade, I can sing the National Day evening." Older generation of singers, 65-year-old Geng Feng with emotion, time really flies, participating in the 1999 National Day party, the flash ten years have passed. Decade, Beijing had become the beautiful, and everyone's life better. Highway to the field to see more and more to Shandong, Shaanxi and other places to go fast soon arrive. "We want to sing country, singing for the motherland."

Song Zuying: will be the best state to attend the National Day Evening Performance

"This show is very relaxed and in good shape." Evening at the National Day to show "good days" and Song Zuying, said the state would be best to attend the National Day evening performances.

"To participate in the show, there is indescribable excitement." In the evening, and Yuan-Yuan Liu will be singing along with "state" the song Jackie Chan, the last link in the rehearsal appearance. Jackie Chan's hope that this song is not only able to let the Chinese people can understand it and let the whole world could understand, so that everybody knows how powerful our motherland.


"This is the great motherland is where I grew up, in this vast land, full of bright sunshine." Tiananmen Square along with the National Day Festival's opening song "My Motherland", yesterday, 14 o'clock, a mass Choir and a host of guest performers, a training base in Beijing Tongzhou a final dress rehearsal. Newspaper reporter at the scene watched the full dress rehearsal.

Event is organized by Jackie Chan finale of the sign language interpretation of "national"

Because it is officially the last dress rehearsal before the performance yesterday, apart from thousands of actors outside the choir, there are more than 20 stars have arrived at the scene sing, 100 square meters greenroom was packed with visitors. 14:00 rehearsal started Song Zuying, Zuhai, Tan Jing, Liao Changyong and others on stage one after another, and by the pupils, students, elderly choir choir composed of thousands of people with the commissioning, rehearsal hall sounded from time to time, "good days", "Let's Dangqi sculls," "Today is your birthday" and other people familiar songs.

17:30 left, hand-held paper fan of Jackie Chan in a dozen appearances on the stage, surrounded by security guards. Jackie Chan while singing "country" side of the sign language presentation. It is learned that Jackie Chan would be coming to an end in the evening when the roof in the Great Hall of the finale of the singing.

Nearly 50 singers on stage with patriotic songs pierce

According to reporters from the rehearsals for the scene to get single-song show, the night appeared a total of almost 50 singers, singing over 30 songs. Singers, in addition to Peng Liyuan, Song Zuying, jade and strong power to sing will, Xie Xiaodong, Sun Yue, Yin Xiangjie, Qian Baihui and other pop singers will be encouraged to come forward.

Evening begins with the flag pole in Tiananmen Square as the center, a children's blowing trumpet at the scene sounded melodic "My Motherland", the net curtain fireworks show, "This land so Jiao" message. Next, Lv Wei, Li Danyang such as singing, "I love China," first chapter "This is the great motherland," the beginning, the audience nearly 11 squares 60000 people jump dance at the same time. The second chapter, the "take-off in China" has become the theme of Tan Jing, Liao Changyong chorus a "Today is your birthday," Song Zuying, Chen Sisi, jade and strong singing "good days", "Zhu Jiuge", "we walk in the big on the road "and so on.

The third part of the show "Fashion Youth" of China. Dress rehearsal in the evening of the 12th, Sun Yue, Xie Xiaodong, these young singers of the "youth of China," "Let us Dangqi sculls" and other songs, accompanied by "Lantern Dance", "Lala-speaking" and other steps. It is reported that Nicholas Tse and Xiongtian Ping will also appear in this session. Finally, from a small songs, Peng Liyuan singing "Sunshine on the road" to show to a climax, "Dancing with the song" big get-together started. In the Jackie Chan and Liu Yuanyuan chorus of "national" and "Youth Friendship Waltz" and the music plays, audience nearly 60000 people enjoy dancing, singing, the whole square will be boiling.




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