Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OLD NEWS: Jackie appointed Publicity Ambassador for Anti-drug Campaigns

BEIJING, June 26 Xinhua news from the Ministry of Public Security, said the Narcotics Control Bureau, the National Narcotics Control Commission held its 26th international film star Jackie Chan appointed anti-drug publicity ambassador for the Chinese ceremony to hire Jackie Chan anti-drug publicity ambassador for the Chinese.

National Narcotics Control Commission Office of the Deputy Director of the Narcotics Control Bureau Director Yang Fengrui Ministry of Public Security of China Ambassador Jackie Chan anti-drug publicity issued letters of appointment, and wear a ribbon.

Rui Yang expressed the hope that Jackie Chan seriously take up the image of China's anti-drug publicity ambassador duties, and actively play themselves as a powerful influence on public figures, as always, care and support for anti-drug cause, more active participation in anti-drug publicity and education activities, care and help for drug addicts, full use of every opportunity to publicize the danger of drugs, promote anti-drug awareness, and guide the public in particular young people against drug abuse, actively participate in the fight against drugs, in order to promote development and progress of China's drug industry and make due contributions.

Jackie Chan said he was very concerned about the anti-drug public welfare undertakings and hope in the future and the National Narcotics Control Commission to have more cooperation, to do our own strength for the anti-drug publicity and education to make more contribution.

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