Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top 10 Highest Paid Chinese Artists

Hong Kong media has announced a fee of survey list, list shows, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun-Fat is still a fee of three strong Chinese star, while the actress Gong Li in Zeyi highest-paid actors. But the journalists will list forwarded to the senior person familiar with the film, its said that, "Jackie Chan and Jet Li fee of the difference is not so big", even in some cases, the income will be higher than Jet Li Jackie Chan film.

Jackie Chan play the leading role on the list

List shows, Jackie Chan to 117 million yuan (HK, the same below) became the highest-paid actors in the Chinese star performers, while the Jet Li and Chow Yun-Fat Zeyi 78 million and 62.4 million, followed by. The fourth name is Gong Li has joined the Singapore-born, whose acting fee of 39 million, has just celebrated the 30th birthday of Zhang Ziyi and Chow is flat, all have 31.2 million yuan. Clearly, success will help the Chinese actors into the Hollywood acting fee to upgrade. Ge is the only chart the mainland actor Ge You analyze the article refers to as "bald-image and sense of humor style unmatched the world."

It is understood that by virtue of Hong Kong in 1994, Jackie Chan films, "Rumble in the Bronx" success into the Hollywood market, after the filming of the film "Rush Hour", formed the basis for the status of international film festivals, acting fee from triple jump. However, 1.17 billion Hong Kong dollars only his worth at the peak, followed by performances of the film "Around the World in Eighty Days" global box office in general. Jackie Chan returned to Hong Kong do not want to lower prices making Chinese-language films, to close at about 8 million to 10 million U.S. dollars a paycheck.

Jet Li's acting fee of fact, not low

From the list view, Jet Li, Jackie Chan's more than 117 million nearly 40 million. But people familiar with film veteran who tells reporters, "with Jackie Chan, Jet Li's acting fee of the difference is not so big", but also said "In fact, Jackie Chan, Jet Li's acting fee is higher than that!" The analysis said that Jet Li's acting fee has been by the brokerage firm operating in Hollywood , is "dead value", not reduce, but Jackie Chan's worth it because of friendship or other reasons may be appropriately reduced. Last year, Jackie Chan and Jet Li film "Forbidden Kingdom" At that time fee of Jet Li's book is indeed a little lower than Jackie Chan, because Jet Li is also involved in behind the investment, you can also get the film dividends, so the actual number is not higher than overall income up Chan low. And as early as in the film "The Warlords", the Jet Li's acting fee has reached 100 million Hong Kong dollars, and Jackie Chan in Hong Kong newspapers reported the peak of the difference worth 117 million Hong Kong dollars is not far.

No.1 Jackie Chan 117 million Hong Kong dollars

No.2 Jet Li 78 million Hong Kong dollars

No.3 Chow Yun-Fat 62.4 million Hong Kong dollars

No.4 Gong Li 39 million Hong Kong dollars

No.5 Zhang Ziyi 31.2 million Hong Kong dollars

No.6 Stephen Chow 31.2 million Hong Kong dollars

No.7 Tony Leung 20 million Hong Kong dollars

No.8 Maggie Cheung 15.6 million Hong Kong dollars

No.9 Donnie Yen 14.76 million Hong Kong dollars

No.10 Jay 12 million Hong Kong dollars



kiran chaudhari said...

Jaque chan is finest actor in hollywood ever i have seen .His acting,his style,his fighting,his karate its all awesome.I have seen lots of his movies he worked in deferent role and work as hard as work early movie.These quality i like very much.

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