Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stand in for the Stars

I have just quoted the part of the article for Jackie but in the rest of the article (+photos) you can read about Jet Li, Andy Lau, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li.
1. Jackie Chan

Love action movies, but also love Jackie Chan, Big Brother, thus have led to a strong desire for knowledge. In fact, the notion that Jackie Chan is a substitute, and he is "Long Ge" - Li Haiqing. Haiqing the cow thing is that a photo with Jackie Chan, Big Brother, he does not care. Li Haiqing martial arts skills were also very similar looks and Jackie Chan. His upper body naked, muscular, pointing the lens, eyes fierce, and Jackie Chan temperament quite fit, so Jackie Chan has always been a special stand-in. Haiqing in the studio, the staff were respectfully called him "Long Ge," but to take the salaries of the Long Ge Long Ge is only a fraction of truth. Deity Jackie Chan were filming in the body is a result of injuries, Haiqing is all over the body scars, fractures only commonplace, but who would know him?


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