Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old Interview from April

This is an old interview from April in which Jackie semi-explains his comments at the Bao Forum that created such a stir when they were taken out of context.

He says that it is not worth explaining why he said what he did and that he would rather do charity than take the time to do so. He also said that whatever comments he made were out of a pure heart because he loves China, loves Hong Kong, loves Macau and that we are all Chinese people.

He also mentions that "The Chinese Zodiac" will film in Beijing, Hong Kong, Australia and France.

BEIJING, April 30, according to Xinhua in Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" report, due to a "Chinese people need to be regulated" in the troubled words of Jackie Chan, who has for the first time responded to the matter, saying: "Qingzheziqing, Cloud by Since the cloud, I have done everything there is no objective. "

Jackie Chan interview with Phoenix TV "entertainment storm" program on an exclusive interview, about his remarks led to uproar, he said: "Qingzheziqing, muddy those now muddy, I have done everything without ulterior motives, but from a Heart - love Hong Kong, Taiwan, love, love China, love Macao, because we are all Chinese, and so I am going to talk about the bad. Recently, they asked me to come out to explain, I think this matter is not worth me to talk about, the time to explain it, I might as well go and who do charitable works, explanation is unnecessary, but will do so in their terms, so I have ignored the fundamental reasons."

The Jackie Chan appointed a further director, shot his first 100 film, and have recruited an old friend of Stanley Tong, the opportunity to participate. Raiders of the background to the story, "Zodiac" will be in Beijing, Hong Kong, Australia, France viewfinder.

May 1 concert will be held at the Bird's Nest will be the Jackie Chan, the earlier introduction of the "six star arch month", said to every corner of the six stage, to achieve universal Party, so that each direction inside the friends who could have an immersive sense of on-site interaction. Unfortunately, the mainland media found the main stage and six points separated a bit too far, to the real test of Big Brother was a lot of physical strength. The concert will be quite a luxury reverberates light, light on the main stage is equipped with 32 lamps, each sub-stage, there are at least 24.




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