Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jackie Praises Efficiency of Filming in Wudang

Receiving a Gift from local Dignitaries

September 16, Jackie Chan and Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot is much to applaud when talking to the leadership of Wudang Mountain. He said that the Americans come to Mount Wudang filming, Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot management orderly organization is great, the real struggle of the Chinese people for our face! Jackie Chan very much like the natural scenery and ancient Wudang buildings, the filming of I also personally picked up the camera Wudang scenery. He said he thought quietly at night, 600 years ago, 300,000 artisans took 13 years, the construction has become such a mammoth but nature itself of the ancient buildings, can not understand how the ancients thought, What a Century mystery. During the talks the SAR Secretary Li Fa-Ping, introduced the human landscape and Mount Wudang Taoist culture and natural harmony of thought, has aroused great interest in Jackie Chan, and even said that several "too enjoyable to listen to the." Wudang Xuan Tian SAR gift sword, "Wudang impressions" album and "asked Wudang" CD-ROM, Jackie Chan is very cherished, indicating that a careful look, and signed rebate its own "country" song disc.

Jackie Chan talks to the Wudang made three demands: First, to Wudang Mountain, when the SAR in the next published album, he himself went a selection of photographs; second is the "world out of Wudang Tai Chi," lyrics to him, he will send to his friends and User; 3 next year in his capacity as producer, he plans to shoot a movie in the Wudang, tentatively named "Wudang push-ups" and hopes to be greater support Wudang Mountain.

As environmental image ambassador, Jackie Chan film crew during filming in the Wudang attaches great importance to environmental protection, and crew transfers without leaving a bit rubbish. In the south rock scenic area, when Jackie Chan saw a visitor throw a bottle when he pulled to pick up and politely warned tourists to care for the environment, to win people around a round of applause.

Editor: Ma Yuan Source: China Daily reporter stations in Hubei (correspondent von spring)



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