Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bazaar Charity Auction raises funds for Orphans

The Bazaar Charity auction coming up at the end of the month is raising funds to benefit orphans. They are working specifically with Beijing Dragon's Heart Foundation (which was made an official charity in Beijing just recently).

Sohu Entertainment News September 15, Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Children's Fund co-sponsored, entitled "Care for orphans, the sixtieth anniversary of National Day gift," a press conference, on-site published in the "Campaign to protect orphans" project where the successful public insurance products, and announced the release of the entire public goods is expected to be officially launched before and after the National Day. Conference on-site also held a "Bazaar", Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and other units of the scene of several love children falling seriously ill, some provinces and cities pledge ceremony. "Orphan to protect the action" is China's Children's Fund, "Chinese Children's Insurance special fund" to actively cooperate with the Ministry of Civil Affairs to promote for more than 570,000 orphans in the country to provide protection of the special action of major diseases. The actions are based on Ministry of Civil Affairs groups, a comprehensive screening for orphans, through the "China Children's insurance fund" for the current health of the orphans may cover a major illness insurance, a special public interest.

Journalists live interviews of the love business representatives - "Bazaar" publisher and editor-Miss Su Mang. She said that this year, "Bazaar," a positive response to Premier Wen Jiabao as the representative of the national government's call, the end result will be charity based in China, serious illness in this vulnerable group of children who, prior to August together 100 stars, celebrities and entrepreneurs to launch a joint initiative, called on the whole community of common concern in this vulnerable group of children ill in China's survival, rescue issues, but also this year, after the seventh "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" to raise the money to all the contributions to the domestic ill Save the Children of the public welfare. The "orphans of action to protect the" special work of the Fund and the "Bazaar" The recent activities to promote the charity Save the Children of the serious illness ideals, but also to change after the relief of pre-protection, and present the majority of engaging in post - unique compared to public relief fund to form a good complement each other, so "Bazaar" Hope Save the Children to promote public welfare undertakings of the serious illness more perfect system, so "Bazaar" immediately decided to work with Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Beijing jointly with the donor, will present "BAZAAR Star Charity Night" to raise money for charity part of the show, used to support the fund.

Stakeholders analysis, there are over 570,000 orphans, and their major disease problems can be basically broken down into two aspects, one has been diagnosed in patients with the number of orphans (stock), the second is the possible future addition of the number of orphans in patients with (delta). To systematically deal with the problems of more than 570,000 orphans in the major diseases that we need to adopt the necessary means to resolve the stock of relief after the cost of treatment in children with pressure, on the other hand through the public insurance mechanisms to protect the additional children with timely treatment. So the people who believe that the Chinese Children's Fund, "Chinese Children's insurance fund" the introduction of innovative insurance mechanisms, and create a combination of insurance and a new mechanism for charity, with the help of commercial insurance mechanism, through the charity fund-raising, can be to maximize the mobilization of community resources for the hundreds of thousands of children's health to provide timely protection, will really benefit the whole population can be thousands of times larger, greatly enhance the efficiency of the implementation of public behavior, coverage and social influence.



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