Saturday, September 5, 2009

Photo from this week

This photo is from SINA.COM and I will not post the link to the original article because I refuse to perpetuate certain kinds of news, but I am sharing the picture because we have had so few close up images of Jackie with the fuzzy face for Kungfu Kid.

Another one from the same interview but not as close up

I must admit the moustache has kind of grown on me but all the same I will be happy when he shaves it off!


Crystal said...

I am used to seeing him clean shaven but I think it's kind of sexy when he has a little facial hair (as in TFK and NPS) but I have to say I like this too. Though, like you, I am glad (Cuz he has already done it) he has taken it off. I am also glad that you didn't post whatever link that was that was bad. It really bugs me to go on Baidu or Sina cuz all I ever read (What I can read of it) is negative stuff towards him.

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