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Behind everything Jackie does is a spirit of Charity

Bad english or not this article has moved me so much I am copying it here in it's entirety. Just read carefully it is really worth reading what it says about Jackie

When asked what the future will be singing songs of the time, Jackie Chan's face with much experience of life has taken it in stride look on his face: that they should not be sung "plainly my heart" like the song, maybe he will sing "I I believe a certain distance, allows us to fly Love "(Ajia combination of" love fly "Lyrics)? "Big Brother" may be a joke in the open, but for the listener is concerned, we all know that this means we have to say goodbye to an era with him. Although that era has gradually moved away, but we did not before, and its formal farewell.

A closer look at Jackie Chan, you'll know why he was known as "Big Brother." In the studio, if not the director he has done, he will become a true sense of the word "director." Apart from his style of soul outside some small things that he would be themselves, such as personal mobility flight, the mobilization of a small actor's emotions as well as staff photo shoot with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, innocence, kindness, every one with his personal contact with people will feel something. Then, that sound of "big brother" you will utter the least convincing.

Those relating to guide and support-related story

Jackie Chan is still the kind of men and women come rolling corner of the duet form. But this is not a Sarah Chen, or Sammi Cheng, Tarcy Su, but the combination of new Ajia. Easily sung lyrics recited the refrain: "Don't cry my love Please do not cry, you see every day bright. I believe a certain distance, allows us to love flying?? Although we love each other too hard and can not be accompanied by a long , remembering for love to find a direction, remembering to love. "

Said, and "discovering" the story of Sun Nan are striking similarities, Jackie Chan was also performed with a combination of background Ajia overheard singing, suddenly scared for the Teana. Have the strength of the strong lead by the hand is the new Jackie Chan's consistent style in pop music, it may be he was affectionately known as "Big Brother" in one of the reasons. Jackie Chan's repeated guest appearances in pop music seems to have the "intentions", and both Sarah Chen, Zhou Hui, or combination of this Ajia. Combination of walking in Ajia Tibetan style of music that will popularization of the road, but also committed to the western charity. In addition to singing, probably to attract Jackie Chan is also a vision of these two reasons.

As for the other singer Zhou's help, Jackie Chan is also a recent one, "owed." Singer Zhou Hui comeback in Beijing, joining seed music, Jackie Chan's brother was also assisted us with the Zhou Hui chorus of the song "his own film", but also free shot song MV. According to Jackie Chan in pop music often seems to cultivate the new track, power is the only pass. Like Jackie Chan himself said: No pay how much. Like there is no rewards for, do not like would say to take 10 million better. It seems that for "Big Brother" is concerned, all in all, more sense is a kind of "charity."

"I have participated in any of the performances, there are charitable purpose inside."

Speaking of charity, to explore the recent trajectory of Jackie Chan, you will find that charity is his biggest career. "I have participated in any of the performances, there are charitable purpose inside."

As early as in 2006, Jackie Chan had been among the U.S. magazine "Forbes" Global "Top Ten Star Charity." "Forbes" Jackie Chan has been described as good suit will not only set up a "Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" to help Hong Kong young people, had also soliciting donations to help tsunami victims in South Asia. Jackie Chan has a rich inheritance while he was filming in recent years, and spends a lot of time to do charity and contributions to the Mainland, also made the experience all the good deeds to distribute VCD, hoping their own forces moved more people to do charity.

With Jackie Chan's words, "I join the charitable cause of more than 30 years. But what is more whole-heartedly believe that starting from the back to the mainland. I feel great sense of responsibility of domestic media, such as the reported number of poor children in remote mountainous areas things. This is in a foreign country and even in Hong Kong, I do not see the content, because it is not their real concerns of local focus. I returned to mainland China in 2005 set up a 'sub-Dragon Heart' education money has now been covered the 24 schools. "

Jackie Chan Charity will change from the inside to the field. Chan said that his past as an upstart, but after doing a charity for charities to become Koumen mean, who will be met with something. Jackie Chan's self-dissection, people feel that this template does not seem a typical story of the rich to do charity, while somewhat prodigal son in this endeavor.

Jackie Chan and his friends

"Jackie Chan and his friends," Jackie Chan's appeal is to hold up a brand new entertainment charity. Following in Guangzhou, Shanghai and successfully held the brand after his concert the evening of May 1, at the National Stadium Bird's Nest, Jackie Chan held a hand trans-pacific "confident that China Descendants of the Dragon - Jackie Chan and his friends" large-scale concerts, has attracted 70000 visitors. All close to the popular idol star labels, such as Sun Nan, Rain, Li Yuchun and other artists have taken part in, as well as Zhao Benshan, small Shenyang mentoring, "My head of my regiment," the play has a few star guest star, is a popular combination of "giant", a grand charity party. Jackie Chan's older brother is undoubtedly the core of the evening's most appealing, hundreds of stars in Jackie Chan's inspired by big brother extraordinary burst of enthusiasm in the past.

Performance during an interesting episode is that Jackie Chan with the concept of the audience to promote environmental awareness and action on the spot demonstrate how to make the stadium a "zero water bottle garbage."

This is the "Bird's Nest" after the Olympics Games for the first time as a major concert venues. The theme is of course the biggest charity performances. Jackie Chan's hope this performance, called for more young people to join the ranks of charity. In an interview with Jackie Chan, "Beijing Evening News" interview, quoted Gandhi, saying: "Pure is a contagious, personal purity of the results of this will bring the purity of the surrounding environment. So that ordinary people into heroes with the power!"

"Jackie Chan and his friends" is Chinese-style Star Pavarotti charity concert, this is Jackie Chan's latest creation.

When Jackie Chan said that he would not sung "plainly my heart," he subtext may be sentimental farewell to an era of pointless. More recently, so we need to bid farewell to an era of an image of Michael Jackson's death. Also art world giant, Jackie Chan, who is very familiar with Jackson. A few years ago Jackson had called Jackie Chan, and would like to invite him to participate in a performance. Unfortunately, Jackie Chan missed it by telephone. Turning to Jackson's death, Jackie Chan that this can also be said for the dead was a relief.

Charity is for Jackson to become a real superstar is an important factor. Charities also made beyond that they have Jackie Chan in the Chinese entertainment circle with an unparalleled status. Maybe not deified Jackie Chan, this is he did not want to see. Jackie Chan may also like the original atomic ordinary one, but broke out of the inner atom Zheke immeasurable power.



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