Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jackie receiving Yantai Image Ambassador Award

Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Hao, on behalf of the municipal government to the Germans International superstar Jackie Chan awarded honorary medals, awarded its "image ambassador, Yantai City" title.

More News from Yantai, Shandong (CHINA NEWS NETWORK)
China News Network China's online news: September 23 evening, "Yantai's image ambassador" Jackie Chan has finally set foot on home soil, at the opening of the third Yantai International Wine Festival evening Fangge his classic songs, "Tall in the saddle."

Yantai Municipal Government formally granted him "Yantai image ambassador" honorary title, and issue letters of appointment. Chan said: "I am honored to be ambassador Yantai, the initial return to his hometown to see the modern city clean and tidy but I feel very proud of. I will walk more than walk around at home more, to his hometown to make a greater development of cultural undertakings contribution. "

In March 2007, international celebrities, the International Children's philanthropist, film star Jackie Chan has served as Yantai, hometown of "opening-up image ambassador." Yantai, but still did not come back home to meet the people. At that time, his father, Mr. Chen Zhiping accepted in Hong Kong on behalf of Yantai City, presented to commemorate the "Dragon card."

According to reports, after Mr. Chan had received only two titles - "Beijing Olympic Image Ambassador" and "the image of the Hong Kong Tourism Ambassador", who had not received any of a provincial or prefecture-level cities in China have given voice to similar cities in the identity of .

Jackie Chan, formerly known as Chan Kong-sang, April 7, 1954 born in Hong Kong origin, Yantai, Shandong Province. Jackie Chan was born, his parents, Chen Zhiping, and Lily Chan named him Chan Kong-sang.

As a "Chinese symbol" Jackie Chan is China's premier martial arts star in Japan, Southeast Asia, or even most western countries have a huge film market and international influence.

Editor: Ningbo Source: China Daily reporter stations in Shandong (Xinhua Zhao Rui Wang Qian)


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