Saturday, September 19, 2009

National Day Celebrations in Beijing

September 18th, the 60th anniversary of New China was held in Beijing, the last time a comprehensive exercise, which is from the 4th since late last month exercise. With the relevant information has been reported that the National Day Gala Celebration highlights the "mystery" gradually lifted.

It is learned that the evening of October 1, will be held in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to "praise of the motherland, Acura era, inspiring" as the theme of the Festival, Tiananmen Square and other designated areas will discharge fireworks.

Great Exposure music singer

National Day Festival can be described as a star-studded, many performing stars will be joining them, in order to sing the blessings of the new China 60 birthday song. These include Peng Liyuan, Jackie Chan, Song Zuying, Liu Yuanyuan, Cai Guoqing, Qianbai Hui, Dai Yuqiang, Sun Yue, Xie Xiaodong, as well as from Hong Kong from Taiwan Xiongtian Ping Tse and so on.

This reporter saw the scene at the Festival dress rehearsal, the entire party in the strong momentum, "My Motherland" opened in music filled the fireworks and dazzling performances, making a solemn opening and filled with a thick atmosphere of the festive atmosphere, net Fireworks screen moment "burn out" of the "land so Jiao," the word is even more beautiful.

In Lv Wei, Li Danyang such as singing the "I love China" Phantom, the first chapter, "This is the great motherland," the official start, the audience nearly 11 squares 60000 people danced a dance at the same time. It is reported that each square dance choreography different, and this is the 50th anniversary of the most different places.

In the second chapter, the "take-off in China" has become the subject of the performance, Tan Jing, Liao Changyong chorus a "Today is your birthday," Song Zuying, Chen Sisi, Dai Yuqiang, also sang the "good life", "Zhu Jiuge" "We walk in the road" and other songs.

The third part from the traditional into the modern China, showing that a "youth fashion" in China. In the dress rehearsal the night of 12, Sun Yue, Xie Xiaodong, these young singers of the "youth of China," "Let us Dangqi sculls" and other songs sometimes dynamic, sometimes lyrical, bearing the message "Lantern Dance", "Lala Cao "and so has the fashion sense of young dance steps, the entire square and went to rhythm and beats in the beat. It is reported that Hong Kong singer Nicholas Tse and Xiongtian Ping from Taiwan, will also appear in this session.

In the last section, from a small songs, Peng Liyuan singing "Sunshine on the road" will show to a climax, "Dancing with the song" big get-together started. In the Jackie Chan and Liu Yuanyuan chorus of "Guo Jia" and "Youth Friendship Waltz" and the music plays, audience nearly 60 000 people enjoy dancing, singing, the whole square will be boiling.

Fireworks will have a new bright spot

Another feature is the evening fireworks discharge. The difficulty of the fireworks discharge coefficient is the highest in the history of the domestic performances, when there will be praised even more than the fireworks of the Olympic games, "smile." It is reported that up to this year's fireworks art form, its size, shape, art and design is the first time. By then, people will see a scene of spectacular, gorgeous colorful fireworks.



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