Thursday, October 3, 2013


After an epic journey I have finally managed to integrate the forum into the blog!! So now you have no excuse not to participate. You don't even have to open a new site.

Just click on the link to the forum ----> over there on the right.

Sign up with your email address. Don't worry only I will ever see it and trust me I'm more worried about your privacy than you are!

And start chatting IN ANY LANGUAGE so long as Google Translate has it. The forum will translate automatically... isn't that great!

So no excuses, come join the fun.

PS There is one huge drawback with Google Groups and that is it shuts down topics that are inactive for 30 days. They aren't gone, you just can't reply to them any more. After an EPIC day today trying to find a better solution (there isn't one) we will work around it somehow.


Anonymous said...

Great job !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

What I didn't mention is that Jackie also said that he wants to devote more time to singing ... so we can look forward to lots more songs.

Anonymous said...

Yesss..I also looking forward soo much and really want to see him to singing...more songs !!!! <3

Anonymous said...

wlw <3 by Ana Brazil ...

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