Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jackie Talks About Stunts

Stunts still a ‘piece of cake’ for Jackie Chan, almost 60

Maybe it was worth it, because the actor has broken two Guinness World Records for Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor.

Focus on the word “living.”

“I almost died so many times,” Chan says. “Each day, my body tells me I’m very, very lucky.

“I have scars on my legs and arms. So many broken bones. I fractured my scalp making a movie.”

Does he ever think he should stop doing his own stunts? The actor who turns 60 next April says, “All the time, I say to myself, ‘Jackie, you should stop.’ Then my body heals. I recover and want to do it again.’”

“On my last movie, I almost cracked my back,” he winces. “After I recovered, I actually did say, ‘No more big action movies.’ It broke in the press that I said no more action movies. That was untrue. I said big action movies. And what is the definition of big?”

“I can still kick and punch and roll over a table,” he says. “Piece of cake.”

Chan stars in the family action movie “CZ12: Chinese Zodiac,” opening Friday in Chicago. He filmed across five continents and seven countries as a man who leads a team of treasure hunters across the world to find ancient relics. He must find 12 mystical artifacts that comprise the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Q: In “CZ12,” you’re standing on an active volcano. Are you nuts?

A: I do land on top of an active volcano. It’s exciting. How many people come close to a volcano? There were little explosions and everyone was yelling, “Jackie, go away. Run!” Rocks were falling on me. I wanted to look like a hero. Rocks were landing on my head. People were going, “Wow, Jackie is tough.”

Q: And how old are you now … 35?

A: (He blows kisses). I’m going to be 60. I’m very lucky I’m still alive and can still make movies. I want to make the world audience laugh. It’s great to have fans come up and say, “Thank you for all of the movies.” I thank everyone around the world who has supported my movies and makes me want to risk it all.

Q: Was it important to you to do a family movie like “CZ12” with a good message?

A: I love family movies with no real violence, but the bad guy goes down. There is a nice message of not being a coward. I want to also teach young people that one person can make a difference. I read a story of 10 girls beating up on one girl. Those 10 girls are cowards.

Q: Were you ever bullied as kid?

A: Yes and no. The big guy always bullies you. That’s why when young students come to train with me, I always protect them. Why can’t we all just respect each other?

Q: What’s going on with another “Rush Hour?”

A: Chris [Tucker, his ‘Rush Hour’ co-star,] is my buddy. In fact, we have a meeting in two days. We’re thinking about doing something new together and not necessarily always a “Rush Hour.” We have two ideas right now that we’re going to start talking about to start next year.

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Anonymous said...

"Piece of cake " :) Yes ...never stop but must be careful...he MUST do what he loves to do and he is really amazing as he makes his unique stunts !!!!! He IS the ONLY ONE !!!!!
LOVE U JC !!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Very interesting report,I am really enjoy to read about his days !!! Thanks for your great sharing !
I know he has a very busy life for his work is his life, but still I think everybody needs sometimes a little holiday time to relax. But if he look at his travelings like a holiday...than he is always on holiday...only the speed is too fast as he rushing :)
I wish full power to Him to change the world for a better place for everyone !!!!
I LOVE YOU JACKIE CHAN !!!!! <3 >>>>
Really great article! I copied the whole text because in happened in the past that I lost some great about Jackie and now I can not find them anymore. So now I copy all important articles. I LOVE YOU MUCH VERY

Anonymous said...

^__^ Thankxxxxx <3 :)

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