Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Talk Clips

Clips from Jackie's apprearance on The Talk to promote Chinese Zodiac


Dagmar said...

I must say these two videos are the best I saw lately! Bravo! I downloaded them. It was seen how great atmoshere was while making the video in the room.

Anonymous said...

He is amazing as always !!! Good to see he is happy and smiling !!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me, how can I download from the youtube ??? Thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

The new houses for elderly people for living after the catastrophe are so nice that I also would like to live there. I Love you so to very much for many nice photos.
Jackie is way above to understand..some ppl dont know ..they just wna make new.. but jackie will do what he wna do. jackie you more some and more

SuperChanBlog said...

This comment was posted earlier:

I would like to say one thing and it has nothing to do with these two videos. I would like this blog to give us more news about Jackie. I mean not only the good things but everything about him..... EDITED ....So I think it would be fair if you give us ALL the news about Jackie so we can somehow know him better.

To answer this comment (which I have edited):

This is my blog and I reserve the right to post the news I deem important. Gossip and erroneous reports are not amongst the news I consider worth repeating and I have a strong no gossip policy. There is no good that can come of focusing on or repeating negative reports, and it is not worth trying to provide explanations either.

I will repeat Jackie's word on it - "Those who know me, will understand."

SuperChanBlog said...

Can anyone help me, how can I download from the youtube ??? Thanks !!!

It is illegal to upload or download copyrighted content. Please respect Jackie's thoughts on copyright and only get legal copies. Even TV shows are available through legal channels. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to download another video from youtube, not these two , but thank you...

SREČKO said...

THANK YOU. I like this interview with so much woman around Jackie, hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!

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